June 1, 2015

Mindfulness for the Working Day






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Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness is an awareness of your emotions, state of mind, and the feelings of those around you. Improving your level of mindfulness will mean better focus on the task in front of you, and reducing the time spent on autopilot during your work day.

Practicing mindful techniques in the office improves performance. Workplace cultures can often expect people to deal with stress as a badge of professionalism. However, continuing stress will have a negative impact on quality output. Excessive use of technological devices can lead to shorter attention spans and interrupted thought patterns. Far from ideal when what most entrepreneurs and companies need to compete and progress in today’s world, is critical, creative thinking. Using mindfulness techniques supports this type of thinking, alongside improving your emotional intelligence. Above all mindfulness will help you to enjoy calm and balance during your days working from a desk.


Six Top Strategies for Mindfulness During the Working Day


1. Make yourself comfortable

Your day will go well if you can accomplish an environment that’s comfortable and highly functional. Think feng shui and ergonomics at the start of the day. Be certain your chair is well adjusted and that objects frequently accessed – phone, keyboard, computer mouse, are within effortless reach. Before you log on, stop. Take a minute to identify something you’re grateful for in that very moment.

2. Reflect

Around lunch time have an honest conversation with yourself about how you feel things are going. Consider the status of present projects and adjust your approach accordingly. Look for the challenges that lie in the coming hours, and have a plan for how you’ll deal with them. How can you transform these challenges into total triumphs?

3. Take time with the team

This is crucial if you’re a leader. Being friendly and open will make the work environment a happier place. Take a humanistic rather than brow beating approach to get the best out of colleagues. Routinely take a temperature read of those you’re working with, whether they’re with you in the office or online. Are they engaged? If not, bring up with them how they’re feeling. Talking about feelings is an opportunity to deepen and develop your connection with others.

4. Strategically check email  

Your inbox can quickly become a time-wasting distraction. As you click through and shoot off responses you can feel like you’re achieving, even when you’re not. Don’t allow reading and responding to emails to take most of your time, all your attention and to set your schedule.Review your to do list hourly and re-prioritise regularly. You want to be free to concentrate on the tasks that are truly important, not just urgent.

5. Anticipate and avoid distractions

Distractions involve unneeded meetings, low-priority calls, chatty colleagues, social media, and incoming texts or emails. All will challenge your concentration and productivity levels. You’ve got to take a hard line with the various pulls on your focus. If it’s not moving you forward, push that conversation or text to the side. Take charge of what gets your attention, because you know best what you need to achieve that day.

6. Find a time to unplug

It’s easy to stay plugged in all day at work, but 24/7 connectivity can take a toll on your mental health and sense of feeling balanced. With our minds constantly bombarded with information, and people expecting constant access to us, the pressure can seem unending. However it’s vital that your mind gets time to process and fully make sense of what is happening around you, as it happens. Find regular moments throughout the day, where you can take 3 minutes with your eyes closed, just listening to your breathing. Allow your feelings and instincts to rise to the surface, where you can access and use them for the benefit of your well-being and your projects.

It’s increasingly challenging for us to sustain a focused, calm mind-set in our tech soaked working world. Yet with a balanced mentality, we are at our most effective as decision makers and innovators. Mindfulness, the practice of placing yourself in the present moment, so you act with awareness and think with clarity, has never been more crucial.


Eki Maria, She is Fierce! Contributor

Eki Maria

Eki Maria is proud to be the Founder and Director of Gold Artistes Collective, London’s first all female talent agency. She’s also an Arts & Culture Columnist, and alongside this writes on how to stay motivated, alert and alive in today’s fast moving, high tech world.

She’s on a mission to do everything she can to help fellow humans Live Happy and Simple, in every moment, and believes true happiness grows from nurturing and balancing your inner life. An advocate of Love Above All, she seeks to guide people in the business and arts communities towards truly living from the heart.

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  1. Rebecca McNamara

    June 1st, 2015 at 7:41 am

    Loved this article, especially the suggestion about reflecting on your day at the mid-point. This is exactly what I needed to start off my Monday!

  2. Eki Maria

    June 15th, 2015 at 3:41 pm

    Hi Rebecca! I’m thrilled that you found the article useful. I hope you’re doing well with applying strategies to stay mindful during the day – keep me posted Eki xx

    twitter @ekimaria

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