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Three Ways to Build Your Self-Trust

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A couple of weeks ago, I went on a mini-vacation with my husband. We rented a room in someone’s house through a popular vacation rental service. It’s a really neat way to meet locals, get secret tips, and experience the city’s culture.

When we got to our room, I immediately felt at home. It was decorated with beautiful art and trendy, but not tacky motivational posters. It was totally my style! The one I loved the most was the painting of a magical woman with the words “Trust yourself.”


Yes! So simple, yet so powerful.

When you trust yourself, you hold the power. Trusting yourself is such an empowered and secure way of being. So how can you more easily default to self-trust over self-doubt?


Here are three ways that will help you build a sustainable self-trust ‘bank’:


1. Be gentle with yourself

When you are gentle and loving with yourself, you create a safe space within yourself to explore what lights you up, what doesn’t serve you, and the ability to do things outside of your comfort zone without worry of criticism. See what happens when you accept & love yourself RIGHT now, no matter “where” you are. It will give you energy to move forward in your life and the confidence to take powerful action.


2. Make a victory list

Write down all the times that you have listened to yourself and made things happen. Think about everything, nothing is too small. Acknowledge yourself for each one! Put the list somewhere you can see as a daily reminder to keep trusting yourself.


3. Try new recipes

This may seem simple, but I have found it is a small thing that adds a lot to your self-trust ‘bank’. When you make a meal or dessert, it’s about the process. You get directions from the recipe, but you’re the one in charge. It’s all on you and you really have to trust yourself. When it’s finished, you have physical proof that you can make something out of nothing! If you want to step it up, make a meal without a recipe. Use your intuition as your guide.


What are some things you already do to build your self-trust bank?



Nadia Gross, She Is Fierce! Contributor

Nadia Gross is a certified professional coach & owner of Centered Self Coaching.

She believes in the power of being your authentic self. She gives women a safe space and the tools to transform their limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and fears into courage, self-confidence, and trust as they grow into who they’re meant to be. Nadia helps her clients listen to their inner wisdom to create a life aligned with their core values and self-love. She coaches women one-on-one and leads personal development workshops & webinars. She’s a lover of great coffee, animals, affirmations, The Real Housewives (just the California franchises), and impromptu dance parties.

Meet Nadia here… on Instagram or Facebook

Photo Courtesy Flickr

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