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We all have days when we, well I’ll say it hate every bit of our selves. Hate is a strong word but lets be honest that’s the way most of us feel once in a while, for some of us even constantly. It’s not easy to be a woman this day of age because we have news agencies full of magazines of models who are either too skinny, airbrushed, photo shopped, have professional make up on (it does wonders) and wear the latest in fashion. It does bring women down and make them loathe themselves (that’s one of the reasons I don’t buy glossy magazines anymore).

I have often found myself comparing to these models and it doesn’t even have to be in a magazine to bring you down. There’s always social media that can crush our souls because our ‘better looking’ friends Facebook or Instagram feeds are full of pictures of where you’d rather be or who you’d rather be with. It’s constant comparison and can become overwhelming at times.

I catch myself looking at the mirror and checking myself out in the mirror like thousand times a day because I might have lost noticeably weight than when I checked 5 minutes ago. It’s been a habit for years. I didn’t even think about it as a self-suppressing or a negative behavior until one time my coach pointed out I should be kinder to myself. That’s when I realized I have fed myself with unhealthy thought patterns way too long. And this is what we, women, do on a daily basis.

Now though when I look at the mirror and notice some criticism coming from within I do the following I stop myself right away! I try to be kind and I start thinking good and warming thought about myself. Something in lines of, while looking in the mirror, I am good enough, I have a great body, I love myself, I am beautiful. Try it out yourself when you feel like your ego is trying to be negative about your body. Say whatever makes you feel great, find your way to confirm to yourself you are enough as you are meant to be in this world. Trust me it works, that weight will be lifted off you shoulders that makes you feel like crap and being loving towards yourself is a big step forward.

Eating foods that are kind to my body. Have you noticed how good food makes you feel good? I love it when I have an awesome green juice or a wicked salad that brings me alive and wakens me up. Food shouldn’t make us tired, if it does you’re not eating the right things. My favourite salad bowl is quinoa with sauerkraut, roasted sweet potato and home made hummus. It has everything I’d need in a meal. Sauerkraut is great for gut health and where does out health start from? You guessed it from our guts so make sure you add either sauerkraut, kombucha or coconut yoghurt to your meals or if you don’t mind dairy try kefir. It’ll lift you up and your body will thank you for it.

The third thing I do is exercise to get those feel good endorphins running. Do something that you’ll happily change your work clothes for training tights. Don’t think you have to do your routine workout when you don’t feel like it. It’s not always good to force yourself because it might put you off from it than anything else, it’s good to mix things up. For example I like going for runs and lift weights at the gym but when I don’t feel like either of them I’ll go to our spare room, roll out the yoga mat (its usually rolled out anyway) and do some yoga or practice head- and handstands (it’s my pet like at the moment) or some other yoga tricks. I make my body move in a gentle way and my body loves me more for it.

It’s definitely helped me and I hope you will use it too for a more love filled relationship with yourself. You will notice the difference straight away because you are being loving towards your body. It’s like positive thinking will change your mood instantly.

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