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Tegu Toys

Wooden blocks. Perfect for kids (hello creativity), perfect for parents (they can’t do too much damage with those, can they?) – now, perfect for the giver!

Tegu Toys is a company I just found about a month or two ago when I took my son for a playdate with some friends & their kiddos at Bay & Bee in Jacksonville. Noah and Avery took to these colorful blocks right away (yes, out of everything fancy in the place), sticking the little wooden pieces to each other, to the magnetic board, creating all types of shapes and special…kid things. Anyway, I thought the idea was a novel one and text my husband about building a magnetic board like the one they had to play with, and took to amazon to buy some of these awesome toys.

WELL, I’m not going to lie. We’re not a struggling family BUT the prices that popped up at first turned me off. Tegu Toys aren’t what I’d call cheap. So I put the idea out of my head for a couple weeks, until Avery’s mom got Noah some Tegu Toys for his birthday. He jumped right into playing with them and he (and I) loved every quiet minute. I took a few of those quiet moments to read about Tegu on the blocks box. That’s what changed my mind about this company, and about the price tag that originally shocked me a little.

Tegu Toys

Tegu Toys were developed keeping the classic wooden block toy in mind, meshing with their ideas of how to fuel childhood creativity – all while attempting to transform a nation in the process. Here’s what each Tegu Toy set is doing to make the world a better place:

They pay employees a living wage and prioritize long-term career growth and development over simple task jobs in Central America. This in turn is changing employment standards in Central America (how cool)!

For every tree harvested to make Tegu Toys, the company plants another 983. This isn’t just done in Honduras where most of the trees are hand-selected by Honduran cooperatives, but trees are also donated to replanting efforts everywhere Tegu Toys are sold. Talk about giving back to the environment…and some clean air. Who doesn’t like “going green?”

These colorful blocks are giving kids an education! AFE (Amor, F y Esperanza) in Honduras, is Tegu’s own school, started by the company to provide an education for the children whose families work at a local city trash dump.

Those three ways Tegu Toys are giving back to help not only the struggling nation of Honduras BUT the air right here in the U.S., are enough to make me fork over a little more to give my son a toy I know is helping a child (or 2 or 5) of Noah’s own age to have a better life. Tegu’s been going strong since 2009 – will you help them make it to their 10th anniversary by adding them to your home or a friend’s?

Find out more at www.tegu.com, on Instagram: @tegutoys or at Facebook.com/TeguToys




Meghan Van Bussum, She Is Fierce! ContributorMeghan Van Bussum is a news producer & reporter turned marketing maven. Throughout her career, she’s strived to figure out the story behind everything and make sure the story is told in the most pure form possible. Now, raising a two-year-old son, Meghan is trying to raise him in a world where he learns from an early start that not everyone lives the same life as him, and that he should always try to live in a way that gives back to the “little guys”, the “givers”, and ultimately makes our world a better place! Ergo, the “Socially Conscious Shopping” blog series.

Meghan hails from the North (oh hey Lebanon, PA!), but has made her home in sunny Vilano Beach, St. Augustine, FL with her son Noah, husband Matt, and two American Bulldog rescues, Samuel Adams & Kona. Football season is a family favorite; Notre Dame, Florida State & the New England Patriots, take over their home every Saturday & Sunday!