February 26, 2018

How Sleep Improves Your Love Life






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How Sleep Improves Your Love Life


Not getting enough of the good stuff? No not sex. Sleep, I mean of course.

Although, come to think of it – if you’re not getting enough sex either it’s likely your sleep patterns have a lot to do with it.

Most of us are aware that poor sleep contributes to a host of conditions such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease, as well as shortening how long we live. But how many of us are aware that poor sleep is affecting our love life.

Below we look at four ways better sleep actually improves your love life. A quick warning, after reading this post chances are you’re going to want to invest in a bigger bed – for a number of reasons. If so check out the Sleep Advisors recent update. It’s a buyer’s guide!



Sleep improves your appearance


Looking good improves your confidence. And confidence is sexy.

A good night’s rest improves your appearance. Don’t act too surprised, it’s called getting your beauty sleep for a reason.

Burning the candle at both ends for a prolonged period of time and your face will quickly start to show the effect. You will soon find bags forming under your eyes, red and swollen eyelids, paler skin, wrinkles and a drooping mouth. And the drooping won’t stop there!

Not only that, your waistline is likely to start creeping outwards too. Sorry!

Such is the impact of poor sleep on our appearance that when researchers from Sweden showed participants photos of sleep-deprived individuals alongside pictures of well-rested people – the sleep-deprived group were judged to be not only less attractive but also less healthy.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a new lover, or you just want to keep the one you have interested, maybe hit the hay a little earlier tonight – and opportunity for a roll in it will increase tomorrow.


Sleep improves your libido


Being too tired is often cited as the most common reason given by women for not having sex with their partner.

Rather than simply being an ‘excuse’ to get out of an unwanted obligation it seems tiredness is actually one of the biggest roadblocks to a healthy sex-life.

A recent study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine indicates that if a woman in a romantic relationship get just one extra hours sleep per night, her sex drive increases by whopping 14%. More sleep equals more sexual desire.

So to any guys reading this, the next time your girl is complaining about your snoring keeping her awake at night, it may be time to do something about it! You might get well-rewarded!


Sleep makes sex more enjoyable


Not only does more sleep increased sexual desire, a growing body of evidence suggests that more sleep improves how sex feels.

It’s estimated up to 20% of women have issues with lubrication – of which there can be multiple causes including plain old poor foreplay to the impact of menopause. But sleep expert Dr David Kalmbach from the University of Michigan also believes that poor sleep could also be factor here too.

Kalmbach suggests that relationship between ‘sleep and sexual response’ is often overlooked and that research indicates that improved rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep in women is associated with increased blood flow to the vagina, and with that comes easier arousal.

What’s more, Kalmbach suggests that more sleep increases the levels of androgen produced by the brain. Androgen being a hormone that plays an important role in sexual desire. A win win situation!


Sleep strengthens your relationship


Of course, improving your love life is not all about having more sex, it’s also about strengthening other aspects of your relationship. And once again sleep has a big role to play here too.

First off, sleep affects the ways couples argue. Now, that’s not to say that a good night’s sleep stops all disagreements from happening, of course it doesn’t! But it does shape how hostile those arguments can be.

Sleep-deprived couples tend to have more ‘destructive’ arguments involving more barbed language, more bitterness and less empathy.

Well-rested couples more often than not have ‘productive’ rows, which cover more constructive topics,  involve both sides showing empathy and a sense of humour, and often ended with conciliation.

Secondly, sleep improves our sense of humour. Finding things funny relies strongly on high level cognition, something sleep is essential for. A lack of sleep impairs our ability to appreciate verbal humour in particular.

So if you’re worried your partner isn’t as funny as they used to be – chances are it’s not that their jokes have suddenly got worse – just that you’re too tired to appreciate them like you used to. Get a few more hours sleep and the you’ll soon be giggling away at their terrible one-liners again. Believe me!

Well, there you have it four reasons why taking sleep more seriously may have a seriously good impact on your love life. You are welcome!



Sarah Cummings is a writer for The Sleep Advisor and all-round sleep nerd.  She believes that sleeping properly makes us healthier and happier people – she doesn’t let anything get in the way of her beloved snooze time.



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How Sleep Improves Your Love Life

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