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5 Movies To Cheer You Up After a Break-Up

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5 Movies To Cheer You Up After a Break-Up

Breakups are normally emotionally challenging moments. You are typically overwhelmed with a storm of memories and feelings which makes you feel desolate and of no help. You ask yourself many questions. You no longer want to call or text them. You start convincing yourself that they will take you back. During such moments, you need your friends a lot. The support systems can help you heal and gain normalcy. Some romantic and ballbuster movies can be of help. A few ice creams or even action can get you going. The following movies can, therefore, help you to heal your broken heart and help you bounce back.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This is a fantastic movie that will help you forget all the experiences that lead to a break-up. It is a hope-giving movie. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a great movie that offers you a way out and promises something better coming your way. Sarah Marshall is a movie that will help you to keep special people close in your life and maintain the secrets of doing so. This movie is not just a love story but also hilarious and talks about actual breakups. There is lots of fun in this movie. The beauty of it is just remarkable and it’s a reminder to you that you are better and deserve more than what has departed from you.

Silver Linings Playbook

It’s all about finding the silver lining in the clouds surrounding you. It calls for patience and perseverance after breakups. You need to soldier on and value those things and beings in your surroundings. They can be of great help in times of need. By watching this movie, you will find that you may have many breakups but there is always someone better for you. There are lots of laughs, cries, and shouts when you watch the Silver Linings Playbook. However, you will get out positive and optimistic to move on.

Breaking Up

This is a must watch for all who have faced breakups. It brings out real break-ups. Through it, you will be able to release your overwhelming emotion. Cry, laugh or feel sad. It is a perfect movie because in it you will find conflict, the solution to it and love peeps in at the end. You will be able to know the do’s and don’ts in a relationship. Self-respect is key. By watching this movie, you will realize that after break-ups you should not keep on calling or texting the other person.

Relationships should be devoid of pressure because this will make one leave. The movie serves as an eye opener for many relationships because it will leave you feeling beautiful, strong and liberated. It’s quite imperative that you watch it so that you can take precautions in case you are foreseeing a breakup.

High Fidelity

This movie is interestingly nice for breakups. It’s all about going through several breakups but soldering on to find who truly loves you. It denounces despair after breakups. You will find someone to fall in love with after a breakup. Your best soul mate might be on the next train waiting for you. Therefore, breakups are normal and keep us moving on. It’s a tear-jerker that will leave you smiling because it goes deep into your heartstrings. Through it, you will be able to look about for something new and forget the past. The movie will help you to kill your many emotions and feelings as well as keep the candle burning because the future is bright!

My Sister’s Keeper

Watching this movie will indulge you in a good cry about the old. This will, however, make you realize that life is not just about relationships and love. You will be able to appreciate your life and family, feel self-pity and sorry for yourself after going through the breakup. Through it, you will not stop crying, but desperation will end since there is the appreciation of self which is a better part of it. If Batman’s your thing, life is sweet even after breakups.

Watching these movies after breakups is good. They will bring you back and make everything great. Through them, you will get a grip of yourself and keep moving!


Monica loves to write about television and film and is a regular contributor to When she’s not typing over a hot keyboard, Monica loves to keep fit by running, cycling and going to the gym.

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