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Meet Stephanie Nickolich, The “Millionista Mentor” & She Is Fierce! Mentor

February 25, 2017

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Meet Stephanie…


Stephanie Nickolich is the founder of, a mamapreneur, a Yorkie lover and a fashion aficionado who splits her time between NY and Miami and can always be found in her private FB group of 11,000+ women worldwide at: Female Entrepreneurs Collaborate

She is a doubt-crushing, confidence-creating, cash-catapulting sales funnel strategist, that teaches online entrepreneurs how to shift their money mindsets, capitalize on their greatest strengths and create solid sales funnel strategies for long term sustainable success.  Stephanie’s no bull, to the point approach drives entrepreneurs straight to the success they desire. Never one to blend in, Stephanie first made heads turn as a Sales Strategist in corporate America building a $1.2 million wholesale business in just one year’s time. Stephanie’s fun, outspoken style has garnered national acclaim.  She has appeared on Good Day Austin and Twin Cities Live and in The Huffington Post, CEO World, YFS Magazine, The Miami Herald, Hustle & Heart TV, Empowering Women Radio, The Brave Entrepreneur, and Mentoring Women’s Network.

Watch Stephanie’s Women’s Wednesdays talk:

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Here’s what Stephanie has to say about She Is Fierce!

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You are known as the “Millionista Mentor,” how did that nickname come about?


The “Millionista Mentor” was born because I wanted to show women worldwide that they can be, do and have anything they want in life and business. The Millionista Mentor was born to help women take ordinary ideas and transform them into extraordinary outcomes.


You coach entrepreneurs to help them move from where they are mentally and financially to a higher level… what is the most important message or skill you try to impart to them and why?


I teach entrepreneurs to step into their power, to use their God given gifts to create worldwide impact. The most significant piece to all of this is the belief in themselves that anything is possible, because it truly is. There are infinite resources available when you decide that you want something. This mindset is necessary for success, it’s a non-negotiable.


Stephanie Nickolich, Millionista Mentor


How did you find the courage to make the leap into being an entrepreneur, and then to change your business and become a coach?


I worked for nine years in corporate America until about 5 years ago when I officially resigned. At the time I was part of a two man team that designed and developed private label home accessories and home furnishings for national retail brands and within the first year of launching this company, I was able to build up the revenue to over $1.2 million dollars. Huge WIN right? Wrong…After the end of that year my bosses sat me down to analyze WHY they were paying me so much. Holy mother of god moment, was this what I was actually hearing coming out of their mouths? I built this company to 5 times the projected sales goals in one year’s time but what it seemed was happening was that my income was being slashed by ⅔ as a result…and Yes, that’s exactly what was going on.
At that moment, I had many feelings but what stood out stronger than anything I had ever felt before was the fact that I was not willing to let anyone control my time, my freedom or my level of success again, and so…I resigned.

I quickly went on to start my own business, and it was a huge success, right? Hahah, wrong…Within the first year, after working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, I ended up right in a big ole pile of debt, to the tune of $100,000 +. My three business partners, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express were calling for payment. WHOA…another reality check. What the heck happened…I went from being a 6-figure earner to 6-figures in debt.

Once I was willing to get real with my circumstances, I hired a private mentor and I did a ton of inner work to make sure the outside matched. During this time period I was also aligned with my greater purpose (a lot of crazy stuff comes up when you start digging). That purpose was to help women overcome themselves because I had experienced such a powerful transformation by doing the work and I really wanted to share this with women all over the world. I felt like I had been called into my purpose of helping others step into their own self worth. And so I put all my eggs in one basket and started showing up and within just 45 days…I hit my first $20,000 month. It might sound crazy but I was so aligned at the time that it truly felt effortless.



Stephanie Nickolich, Millionista Mentor


You’re a new mom, and have talked about the impact your unexpected pregnancy had on you and your business.  Can you share a little bit about baby Mila and how you have adjusted to life as an ambitious entrepreneur with a baby at home?


Yessss! I love mommyhood, it’s truly made me a better human! She rocks my world. Things were hell of scary when I found out I was pregnant. I had no idea how I was going to make this all work but Mila coming into the world is what got me to where I am today because I had to learn how to leverage my time, while scaling a business which equals sales funnels and passive revenue. I am now a full time mommy, working 2-hours a week, serving thousands of entrepreneurs monthly, and making a heck of a lot of money doing WITHOUT sacrificing the things that I love the most. Yes, you can have it all.



You talk a lot about changing your mindset to get what you really want.  What does a change in mindset mean to you, and how do you create your own mindset shift?


When I was in over $100,000 of debt, I felt paralyzed daily. I had to learn how to look at the outcome, to keep my mind set on the vision. I had to also get grateful for where I was before I could start moving in the direction of where I wanted to be. I show gratitude to EVERYTHING in my life on a regular basis. This keeps me centered and allows me to receive tons of unexpected gifts.


Stephanie Nickolich, Millionista Mentor


You’ve had huge growth in your business in the last few years – what’s in your future?


YES! I went from $100,000 in debt to having goals of $3.2 million in my 2nd year of business. My future is continuing to travel, living my dream, helping others create systems and strategies to live theirs, being happy, continuing to systemize everything in my business and build on sand castles on the beach with my baby.  #PureBliss







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