March 10, 2016

Stop Judging Yourself: Find Your Way Out of a Bad Day






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Stop Judging Yourself: Find Your Way Out of a Bad Day


We all have struggles and while we all know that to be true it is so difficult to share them with others. Big or small, we have it embedded in ourselves to only project a put together life, all the time. It is a disservice to everyone around us, even worse to ourselves. So let’s start sharing with one another every true aspect of ourselves. I will start.

I am working to be kinder to my body and to stop judging it so harshly. A year and a half ago while on a trip to Charleston with my husband for some unknown reason I was upset with the way I perceived my body looked. It was a tipping point for me. It was so bad that the first day we were there I ruined it. We were staying at an ocean front hotel, it was beautiful, and I was busy being so upset for reasons I couldn’t really explain that I ended up crying at dinner. I was frustrated and sad all day. I couldn’t get myself out of it, no matter how I tried, I was so down on myself and I couldn’t crawl out of it. My poor husband tried, he told me how beautiful he thought I was, but I couldn’t hear it, I could only hear my own voice saying he was wrong. I hated that day and then I hated myself for ruining that day. I had to change, I was too hard on myself, too often, if I could not love the way I looked and find confidence in it I would never be as happy as I wanted to be, more importantly, as I deserved to be.

The mixed message of society affects us as females. We start to pick apart in ourselves what we think we should look like. We compare ourselves to others and we lose ourselves. Once we are lost we don’t know what reality is anymore and we punish ourselves. We lose our confidence. We set unattainable goals for ourselves, because we aren’t basing those goals on ourselves, but on others, on what we perceive society wants us to be.

While things have gotten much better for me since that day in Charleston, I still have times where I fall back in to feelings of self-judgment. I have learned things along the way that have helped me.

I want to share those with you in hopes that when you have a bad day you can try these things and find your way out.


1. Write positive things

I use a white board. I write inspirational quotes or notes to myself that I wake up to in the morning. They are immediate reminders to start my day on a positive note.


2. Avoid the scale

I don’t ever want to become obsessed with the number on the scale. Am I taking action every day to be healthy? If the answer is yes, I don’t need to worry about what the scale says it should not matter.


3. Compliment others

We all want to feel good, so why not spread goodness to others around you? Selfish as it may sound it will also make you feel better.


4. Work through the negative feelings as soon as they start

Deal with them right away. Don’t push them down; they will eat away at you.


5. Gett off of social media

While there are plenty of good things about social media, it can also be the land of comparison and often unrealistic images. Sometimes you have no idea how much these images are affecting you until you don’t see them anymore.


Rebekah Hibbert, She Is Fierce! Contributor

Rebekah Hibbert

Rebekah Hibbert is a Certified Athletic Trainer who works on getting athletes ready for their sport and taking care of them after they are hurt.  She is passionate about women’s issues and sharing that passion through various social media outlets and is a part-time blogger trying to share her knowledge and experiences while connecting with others.

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Stop Judging Yourself: Find Your Way Out of a Bad Day
Stop Judging Yourself: Find Your Way Out of a Bad Day

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