Become the Oprah of the Internet with These Broadcasting Tips

February 21, 2016

Become the Oprah of the Internet with These Home Broadcasting Tips






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Become the Oprah of the Internet with These Broadcasting Tips


Technology has made it so that anyone with a network connection can get online and broadcast out. There are countless formats now that are so user friendly and easy to set up which guarantees anyone can jump in and become the next Oprah! Fantastic!

Just because it’s easy to set up doesn’t mean that everything about the broadcast is!

You Get a Broadcast and You Get One – Check Under Your Seat!

I’ve been both a part of, and a viewer of many broadcasts over several different formats over the past year. It seems that the easier it gets to start one of these, the less attention people appear to be putting into their production.

Here are a few items that I think might help make your broadcast be just that much more professional.


Create an Agenda

If you are hosting an interview of a single guest, or a group chat, circulate an approximate agenda and some sample questions. Give your guests some opportunity to come prepared to the broadcast so there are not all these eyes staring up to the corner of their mind and umming for a bit while they come up with something witty to respond. This is how the big leagues do it, why not you?


Check Your Background

Take some time to assess the background your viewers will see. Is it distracting? Are there multiple bookcases or a TV on in the background? Are you in your kitchen? Unless this is a “chat around the kitchen table” The View type of show, don’t have your microwave in the background! If you can’t pick up your computer and move it to where you have a plain background, use a backdrop of some kind or consider moving the computer permanently. No matter what you do, at the very least, TURN OFF THE TV!


No Headsets or Wires

Either have a professional microphone and make it part of the broadcast, or invest in a good pair of speakers and audio equipment. Having earbuds and wires coming out of your ears just looks so “coming to you out of my basement” and I can’t imagine that is really the image you are trying to present.


Dress Like You Are Being Broadcast

This one is a major issue I see! I can’t tell you how many people I see broadcasting with bed hair and pajamas! You certainly don’t have to dress like the queen or king, but if you had a major guest, would you be dressed as you are? If you were doing the same broadcast on TV, would you present yourself the same way? Just because your studio is in your basement, or kitchen, doesn’t mean you have to look like you just rolled out of bed and flipped on your webcam! Besides, this is a point of respect to both your guest and your audience.


You Are Being Watched

The way you prepare and present your broadcast, whichever medium you choose to utilize reflects greatly on your brand. Take the time to understand the internet is global and actually has a broader reach than TV. Treat your broadcast as if you are Oprah or interviewing Oprah and you just may become the internet version!

What are other tips you think would help people produce more professional broadcasts? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.


Elizabeth Miner, She Is Fierce! Contributor

Elizabeth Miner

Elizabeth Miner is a life-long student experienced in taking the road less traveled. She has developed a unique and practical coaching practice based on studying the greats in personal development and combining that knowledge with lessons learned throughout her life.

While quick to tell you she does not have all the answers, she has created a business around her passion for sharing experiences and knowledge which brought her from poverty to running her own business and living life to its fullest.  Elizabeth founded Thrive This Day to help individuals working through life transitions through coaching, mentoring and community.

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Become the Oprah of the Internet with These Broadcasting Tips
Become the Oprah of the Internet with These Home Broadcasting Tips

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