June 4, 2015

Finding the Exercise Plan for YOUR Life!






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Choosing the Right Exercise for Your Life!

This is a question I get often, and while I wish I could tell you that just doing squats were the magical answer to all your fitness and weight loss woes, sadly I cannot.  Now I think that squats are a fabulous exercise (any one of my training clients can vouch for my love of squats), but there is no clear cut answer to this question.  What I will tell you is the BEST exercise you can do, is the one you like and will do CONSISTENTLY.  For some this may be running, others CrossFit, or maybe some prefer getting tennis lessons from someone like Houston tennis lessons.  Then there is also biking, swimming, kickboxing, Zumba, suspension training, BOSU training, spinning, yoga, Pilates, aerial work, pole classes, all the different sports and so many more!

There are so many great options for exercise!  Finding something you enjoy doing will help you stick to it.  As I said before, consistency is one of THE MOST important factors in a successful workout program.  Some people have to fit a workout in at home, while others have to go to a gym to get a workout in.  Some people love and need the camaraderie of a CrossFit or class setting, and others prefer to get in the zone all by themselves.  There are some exercises that may be better than others for certain goals, but in that case, seeking out a qualified trainer or coach can help you on the right track. Having a qualified trainer or coach can also help you from not injuring yourself. A qualified trainer will none when enough is enough. However, if you are exercising by yourself and you do accidentally injure yourself then you can always look at getting physiotherapy to help you, why don’t you check out someone like Ealing physio. They are a company that are commited to guiding you throughout the recovery period, and making sure that you achieve the wellness that you deserve.

I love to run (some days more than others).  I feel so accomplished after a run, and it just makes me feel good.  I actually don’t think that running is the best for some people trying to lose fat (especially runs over 30 min long), but I do it because I love it.  I also love weight training using short intense exercises. My workouts typically don’t last longer than 30 minutes.

Maybe you feel that you can never say you will love any type of exercise and that is fine.  Try different types and styles of workouts and see what is right for you.  You may not love it, but if you can tolerate one type more than another, chances are you will stick with it long enough to see some changes in your fitness level.

There will be some types of exercise that may benefit your goals more than others depending on what they are. I think some sort of resistance training should be included in any workout regime. You don’t have to lift super heavy weights to see benefits. Body weight exercises can have amazing benefits as well as can lifting weights (via dumbbells, machines, cables, etc.). If you are uncertain of how to start a workout program, find a qualified trainer that uses functional training in your area. Most are great at getting you on a program that works best for your body. I also love incorporating short at home workouts using Metabolic Effect  (www.themetaboliceffect.com) style workouts in my program. They are short, can be intense if you want them to be, and very effective at increasing metabolic after burn.

Go out now and find something you enjoy doing! Even if wearing leotards in a group aerobics class is what gets you out to exercise, then so be it!  Go get fierce!

Melissa Stephenson, She Is Fierce! Contributor

Melissa Stephenson

Melissa Stephenson is a personal trainer in Winter Garden, Florida.   She started her quest for health in college where she earned a B.S in Exercise Science at Stetson University. She has a passion for helping people find balance in a healthy lifestyle.  She continues to study and get certified in sports nutrition, corrective exercise, and exercise psychology and plans to continue to learn each and every day.

To Melissa, it’s not about “quick fixes”, it is about making changes in your lifestyle that you can manage.   Our society is quick to go to extremes in everything, but the key is finding a balance where you are not completely quitting a food group or eating all your daily calories in one  meal, or going from not exercising at all all for years, to living in the gym 4 hours a day.  Everyone can make health a part of their life.   Even if you have tried and felt that you have failed in the past, there is still lifestyle changes you CAN make to improve the quality of your life!

Meet Melissa here… http://www.recapturefitness.com

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Choosing the Right Exercise for Your Life!
Finding the Exercise Plan for YOUR Life!

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