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Build a Retreat


If you are a female entrepreneur or coach looking to build the ultimate experience for your clients, think about building a retreat.  She Is Fierce! Contributor Iva Tarle is a Croatian entrepreneur who builds retreats on Bali for women looking for adventure, development or relaxation.


Are You a Coach or Therapist with a Tribe?

Wellness is a major new trend in tourism with impressive growth rate all over the world, taking up a sizeable chunk 14 % of all domestic and international tourism market (more than 439$ billion). Its estimated growth is 50% higher than global tourism!

Wellness is taking over!

Wellbeing is becoming an essential part of lifestyle and most people understand that to sustain longevity and happiness it is essential to dedicate some time to health, sport and other wellness activities.

“So many 21st century forces are fueling it, including the rise of chronic diseases and the unprecedented stress of modern life.” said Jean-Claude Baumgarten, former World Travel & Tourism Council president at the first Global Wellness Tourism Congress held in India in 2013.

Retreats are a popular form of wellness tourism, usually lasting for a week or so and targeted for smaller groups up to 20 people. Retreat packages include accommodation; group trainings in holistic practices and healthy food. And retreats are equal to fun, sharing and personal transformation. Depending on the group and the budget, pricing for one person varies from 1500 – 4500 US $, and the profit one makes could amount to 30.000 US $.


A Retreat is Actually an Event

A retreat is an event that happens in a certain place at a certain time, with several basic elements coming together:

In order for an event to come to life, the name, program, budget, date and target audience need to be defined in advance.

As you can guess the venue is identified bearing in mind the budget, requirements of the program and the preference of the clients. Golden rule – it is surrounded by nature, its cozy and secluded. Where I am on Bali, there are more than 70,000 hotel rooms, so it is easy to find the venue of preference.

In Bali, you only need a workshop visa to build a short retreat, and it entails a permit from immigration to train in a registered hotel or a resort within the duration of one month. Visa agents can process such a permit for you for approximately 250 US in one day.

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Making the Retreat Fit Your Clients and Your Goals

Depending upon motivation, life-stage and interests, your clients will select the retreat that fits their needs.

That could mean something physical with a focus on fitness and yoga or mental or psychological with a focus on the hygiene of the mind; relaxing and pampering.

If you consider the diversified offer, as a rookie retreat maker it is natural you will face hardships selling retreat spots. It entails investing in marketing on various platforms online, building hype on social media, lectures and advertising 4 to 5 months in advance.

However, if you have your own tribe tailoring a retreat to their needs could be a wonderful idea!

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Iva Tarle, She Is Fierce! ContributorIva Tarle is a Croatian entrepreneur that left her job in diplomacy and moved to Bali. She is a founder of Gekko Retreats, online booking platform for vacations for mind, body and soul. The company offers support for gifted coaches, trainers and yoga teachers to build their own retreat on Bali. You can explore the exclusive vacations and services

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