The women of this generation are giving their male counterparts a run for their money. Tech was previously dominated by men, in general, but some powerful ladies have taken over the field not just by their charms, but more so by their fierce bearing.

Take for example Susan Wojcicki, YouTube’s Chief Executive, who is behind the most popular social channel’s $70 billion revenues. Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President for Apple, for her part as the first woman executive in Tim Cook’s team.

These powerful women proved, time and again, that success knows no gender or any other preference. It lies on the amount of hard work, dedication, and abilities that one pours into the duties handed down to them. You can make a difference, boost your company’s earnings, and stir up your personal career in the process no matter what or who you are as long as you stay motivated.

Powerful women lists are truly inspiring. They show light at the end of the tunnel that women can be highly regarded no matter what industry they enter. It also increases awareness on the essence of women empowerment and many are loving it.

Check out the other powerful women on the list who are all worth emulating.

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