The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time

by Arianna Huffington

I remember those blurry, busy, bootstrapped two years in my 20’s. The years I proudly talked about for years following. The years that sleep became the lamb I sacrificed in the name of productivity. The days I spent fueled by caffeine and high endurance workouts, desperate for the boost. I was desperate for clarity and patience. My patience was gone, and my head was fuzzy 90% of the time. I became edgy, irritated and intense. Those around loved it. I was celebrated. I was admired. I was bloody exhausted. Why did people enjoy feeling this way? Why does our world celebrate such a shallow state of being?

I finally had enough. Guess what happened? I slept all the time. People liked me more. I was kind. Most people even teased me for being so outrageous before. How had I let that happen? We live in a world that celebrates depriving our bodies and souls of nightly recharging. Nobody enjoys it, and statistically it’s a misconception that we are more productive. Delaying sleep in the name of effectiveness is a dangerous delusion. It’s a delusion we all know deep down to be false, so why do we ignore the facts?

Arianna Huffington does a brilliant job of explaining the pathology of what has happened in our culture to bring us to such a volatile state. She backs her war on sleep deprivation with a mound of science and data. She will shock and enlighten you. Then, she will help you fall back in love with sleep. Sleep is the sexy lover that always gives and never takes. It’s healing, refreshing,  and vital to our well-being. Let’s be fierce on this topic. As an entrepreneur, you are your greatest asset. Take care of it. Good night.


Annalee Sirmeyer was marinated in Texas and cooked in Florida.  She is a wife to Patrick, mom to two dogs toddlers and two dogs, which means she is also a qualified hostage negotiator.  She is a connoisseur of excellent books, podcasts and TED talks.  She is the Chief functionalist of Indigo Work Space opening 2018.




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