Terms & Conditions for Contributors

Want to contribute an article, photo or video?

1A. Please submit your article via the instructions on the ‘Become a Contributor’ page.
If any part of your work has been published previously, you must inform us in writing – or you legally guarantee our right to publish. If your work has been published previously elsewhere online, please update your article with a slightly new title and/or intro. This allows Google and other search engines to pick up the article as a new, unique article. Better for your article, better for She Is Fierce!


Do you want to write an article or contribute a photo or video?
– Submit your article to info@sheisfiercehq.com

A typical article might be around 800 words, but can be shorter with an image or video, or longer if you feel that’s needed to express what you want to share – and you think it will keep the reader’s interest.


– Include a Bio
Keep it brief and fun, and be sure to share a link to your site or your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram usernames – we’ll tag you! 

If accepted and published, please feature your She Is Fierce! contribution on your web site, in your portfolio, etc. – the more you feature it and share it, the more social sharing it will get, the more mentions we’ll be able to share, and ultimately, the more your contributions will be read!


1B. Tone & Edits
Please make sure you have read She Is Fierce! before submitting work – it will help you write content our community will value. We do not publish infomercials, advertorials or glorified press releases. Articles are not a substitute for advertising. Your bio may, however, contain info re: programs, products, your website link etc.

Write for She Is Fierce! as you would write a letter to your best friend, or someone you are coaching (a personal style, however, doesn’t necessitate that the substance is casually researched). If you like something, be detailed. If you are negative, be fair. Always begin from the ground up: who, what, where, why, when. Keep it accessible – don’t assume knowledge on the reader’s part. Don’t feel like the content needs to be simplified… just be sure you define and explain as you go, and keep it fun or serious as appropriate.


Expect edits.
This doesn’t mean that your article isn’t already great – but we may need to tailor your work to our audience and/or to fit our layout, particularly if your submission is on the long side. This includes images! We want to include your images where possible, but reserve the right to choose what we use for final publication, for aesthetic reasons and / or copyright issues.


1C. Reviews/Interviews/PR/Advertorial Articles
If you or your brand are interested in being featured – and what you want to share fits the nature of the site, we’d love to talk. Email us at sheisfiercehq@gmail.com or take a look at our MEDIA KIT.

We will publish dedicated coverage for non-profits and for-profits whose missions we and our readers believe in, on our site, facebook, and twitter. We retain editorial oversight and will intro this sponsored content with our own take on the subject.

Or, if we love the cause, we’ll edit, post and promote you for free if you consider us an official media sponsor for one year. We’ll send you our logo, let us know when it’s up on your site, with link (to your article, so it’s a win-win for you). Our conditions: we ask that our logo be posted on your home page, above the fold, reasonable size, and your article on our site be featured prominently in your newsletter (“look, our cause has been featured in She Is Fierce!”) and your article on our site posted to your Facebook and/or Twitter.


1D. Acceptance, Payment & Rights
We can’t pay per article, but we will promote your content like crazy, and encourage our community to reach out to you if you offer a product or service that would be useful to them.

We hope that you’ll consider the publication of your work the best publicity money can(‘t) buy, a good link/clip for your journalist’s portfolio, a contribution to your community and something to email home about. We may not be able to respond to or publish your work immediately but we do our best to have our readers and community voices heard.


She Is Fierce! reserves all use rights to anything we publish in any form—but, with permission, we’re usually happy for you to sell your work elsewhere, provided we’re credited and linked to.
If you would like to republish your work elsewhere, please email info@sheisfiercehq.com


We ask that you include a link back and language at the bottom indicating that readers may find the original piece on sheisfiercehq.com.
By submitting an article, you give us use rights in perpetuity. You can use with credit and link in any publication that you own or control. We generally will not give permission or reprint articles we’ve edited, hosted, shared in other publications, unless they’re in other mediums.


1E: The She Is Fierce! Stylebook

Please follow these guidelines, or we’ll send your post back to you.
– Any number over nine is written numerically: 10, four, 32, 108, nine years, 10 apples. (Unless it is the first word in a sentence: Eighty years ago.)

– Credit a photo like this: Photo: [name, source] (Again, make sure to use non-copyrighted images found through photo sharing sites like Flickr Creative Commons or wikimedia or images you created yourself.)


– Do not put words in all caps or bold for emphasis, please italicize.

– Break up long paragraphs, it makes your article easier to read online.

– Always include a subtitle, they make your post easier to search on google.

Important: By submitting you give us use rights in perpetuity. You can use with credit and link, if you ask permission, in any publication that you own or control. We generally will not give permission or reprint articles we’ve edited, hosted, shared in other publications, unless they’re in other mediums


Terms of Site

All content, layouts and graphics on this site are created solely for the She Is Fierce! website, blogs, and event series. We love when others enjoy the SheIsFierceHQ.com site enough to post links on their sites. However, we do ask that you not use our content without permission. Please do share links and excerpts from our site and note their origins in your posts!

She Is Fierce! is a trademark of She Is Fierce!, LLC, which holds the copyright to all content on the site.


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