Taylor Swift for President! …but seriously!

Now that the changes Apple has made thanks to Taylor Swift’s open letter to them is trending, I think it’s time to share with the world an idea I’ve had since I was fourteen: TAYLOR SWIFT FOR PRESIDENT

I am completely serious.  While I know at this point Taylor Swift is only 25 and you must be 35 to be President of the United States, I have a point I promise and you keep reading I’ll try not to fangirl too much.

Although you may believe all US Presidents must be men who attended an Ivy League college before law school, are married with 3.5 kids (and 3.5 extra-marital affairs) and follow a nonspecific protestant religion, if you go back to your 3rd Grade Social Studies class you might remember that there are actually only FOUR qualifications to be president of the United States.

  1. You must be at least 35 years old. (Taylor Swift does not meet this requirement, if you were wondering she was born in 1989.)
  2. You must be a natural born citizen. (Everyone and their mother knows Swifty was born in PA, where they signed the Declaration of Independence and named for James Taylor… if being named for a well known baseball fan who sings about “a young cowboy who lives on the range” isn’t American, I don’t know what is.)
  3. You must be a permanent resident for at least fourteen years. (The paparazzi that have stalked her since 2006 can attest for more than half those years, after that we can check Facebook.)
  4. No one can be president for more then two terms. (Would she even need to?)

Okay so Taylor Swift will, in ten years, meet all of the qualifications and be legally eligible to run for President. If she decided to do so, here are my top four qualifications she meets and why I would vote for her:


She is her own woman.

Neither her Daddy, her brother, or her husband were president before her – you can say that being related to a former president shows experience but it reminds me of a monarchy or a dictatorship. Don’t Americans pride ourselves on saying “this king is a fool, peace out England!”? (No disrespect to Ed Sheeran) P.S. If we are talking about countries where rule stays in the family my first thoughts would be… I don’t know Cuba, North Korea – do you really want to have a leader whose biggest accomplishment is being the villain in a Seth Rogen movie? (And not even his best!) More importantly, she made her money herself; no mob connections, no black market drug deals, or sketchy payoffs to offshore accounts. You see her songs on ITunes and see how many people bought that song, you see her concert tickets on sale and that they are sold out. There it is, her money in front of your eyes legally and honestly. I wish the political party system worked better so someone wouldn’t need to be a millionaire to have an honest campaign, but can you imagine how amazing it would be to have a president who didn’t have investors to answer to? Who had the power to serve all citizens equally? “Instead of giving a huge tax break to Millionaire X for paying for my campaign commercials I’m going to give it to Millionaire Y, so he can afford to keep his factories in the United States, keeping a million people employed, not on welfare and paying taxes and it will stop him from outsourcing to China, so we can pay the Chinese for things we could have made here even though we are already owe them trillions of dollars in debt.


She is a True Feminist.

She is Fierce. TS has recently made headlines criticizing the sexism that currently exists in the music industry as well as the media that surrounds it, but she also is a wonderful example of positive feminism with her star studded fierce female friendships.

We are at our best when we cheer each other on and build each other up.


She is intelligent.

Whether or not you like her songs she has built an empire with an army of celebrity galpals and diehard fans.  Swifties Unite! Just think about the fact that she has 5 albums of music and that she wrote or co-wrote every song and also did a great deal of producing.


She is honest.

Have you heard one of her songs? Yes they are girly-pop and country but how refreshing is it to hear a song that you can tell is about a real person “twin fire signs, four blue eyes” not the “oh, your nice smile and nice eyes” generic song that we’ve heard a million times. Besides pouring her heart into her lyrics TS is extremely open with her fans, taking to tumblr to let them know about her mother’s cancer diagnosis.  Obviously she’s not 100% detailing her personal life to the media, but would you? My favorite piece of TS honestly is the song “Back to December” with lyrics stating, “this is me swallowing my pride, standing in front of you saying I’m sorry.” Can you imagine a president who took responsibility for their own mistakes instead of blaming and firing a lower level government employee? Or even crazier yet a president who knew how to apologize?


100% Disclosure: I’m a SuperSwifty- I have loved since 2006, I saw the video for “Tim McGraw” on CMT and was mesmerized. She is my absolute favorite musician and she seems to be living life two years ahead of me so that her albums come out just in time to help me through my life – she taught me I was better than that boy who hurt me in the cruelest and quietest way; “every smile you fake is so condescending counting all the scars you’ve made.” She helped me survive my first best-friendship-breakup; “I can’t breathe without you but I have too.” She’s the reason I forgave someone I really didn’t want to forgive; “who you are is not what you did, you’re still an innocent.” She let me know I wasn’t alone in how destroyed I was by truest loss of my life; “I’d like to be old self again but I’m still trying to find it,” and as cheesy as it may sound (and I know this article is very cheesy already) life is a million times better after you learn to “shake it off!”

The thing is… I wouldn’t really want Taylor Swift to be president, I don’t want her to be an astronaut, or a hibachi chef – I selfishly want her to stay her amazing self, rocking out and helping me. I want her song about getting married at my wedding, her song about having kids playing while I am going into labor. BUT, I wanted to start this conversation because Taylor Swift has qualities we need in a president, qualities we DESERVE. We need a fierce president. What are we doing when we ask a pop star for things we don’t ask a president?

So whether you vote for Hillary, Jeb, Donald or the lesser-known super candidate I’m hoping for. I hope you ask them for what I find in Taylor Swift.

Honesty. Integrity. Intelligence. Creativity. Charity. Feminism… Fierceness.

I know we have time before the election but I was inspired to Speak Now.


Rea McCarthy, She is Fierce! Contributor

Rea McCarthy

Rebecca Anne “Rea” McCarthy is a writer and actress currently “feeling 22″ and unsure about anything else. She loves reading, painting, dancing, cooking, kids, and dogs. There is serious reason to believe she was a Disney Princess in a former life.  (She tends to be irrational.)

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Who Doesn’t Love Taylor Swift? Now I love her even more…

Who Doesn't Love Taylor Swift?

“Here’s the thing: Every girl, every woman, has different priorities, different things that make them feel powerful or strong or sexy, or special, or unique.  It’s just so strange to think that we would all have the same triggers, the same priorities, we’d all have the same definitions of fun.” -Taylor Swift in Elle, June 2016

I love you Taylor Swift for placing before us, like a gift, a description of the various and delightful differences that exist in all women.  We’re not the same and it’s gorgeous.  And allow me please, to add that every girl and woman differs in the colors in her hair and skin and eyes, she’s unique in her shape and her personal style. It’s totally cool that we all have different definitions of what’s stylish, powerful, sexy or strong!

And that moment when a woman finds an outfit that’s just right for her own body, her colors and her desires is so awesome!  I’ve seen a woman strike a little pose or throw back her shoulders with total confidence and satisfaction. The pants are perfect she thinks as they hug her curves.  Or another one says, these jeans are just right the way they suit my straight lines.  Taylor Swift calls it perfectly, that every women or girl is unique and each has a different way of looking powerhouse, in-charge or sexy.

What’s sexy to you?  Is it a color like midnight black, outrageous red or shimmering gold?  Maybe sexy to you is something less overt like a close-fitted Armani jacket that outlines your figure stunningly and only reveals a little bit of cleavage. Or maybe sexy is a sun-filled beach day in cut-offs and a bikini top.

Which clothes fortify your radiance and power or make you feel unstoppable?  My grandmother Pearl strutted in her red blazer when she knew she had a meeting at work with the head of her department.   Other women feel righteous wearing black four inch heels with a pointed toe.  Other women swear by the close weave and flattering fit of a Theory pant suit in dark indigo blue.

And what do you wear to fortify your strength?  Is it a cowboy boot, scuffed and worn in the heel that’s great for coming through the door with a little noise?  How about a superbly-made handbag that subtly reminds others of your good taste and polish?  Maybe your close-knit, black turtleneck gives you leanness and length and adds to your authority.

It’s not the clothes that make a difference.  It’s the unique way that boot or black sweater honors your own kind of power, sexiness or strength when you wear it that’s important.  It’s knowing what’s fun for you and wearing an awesome little ensemble to wear while you’re out there.



Kerry Cordero, She Is Fierce! Contributor

Kerry Cordero

Kerry Cordero is an Image and Style Consultant who speaks on all manner of style and clothing empowerment topics and she is the Owner of The First Look Image.  Kerry has extensive training in image consulting from The Fashion Institute of Technology and the AICI, training in color analysis, makeup application and transformational style.

Kerry assists individual clients by creating beautiful and fulfilling ensembles and assisting them in dressing to express their personal brand.  Kerry also writes substantive and humorous blogs and articles on clothing and style and works backstage at New York Fashion Week.

Corporations and associations hire Kerry to speak because she focuses on the power of clothing to add authority, appropriateness and authenticity to the world of workwear.  Kerry’s personal belief is that style uplifts you, clothes fortify you and that ensembles have the power to make you feel unstoppable.

Meet Kerry here… thefirstlookimage.com

How Taylor Swift Can Teach You to ‘Protect Your Happy’

How Taylor Swift Can Teach You to Protect Your Happy - SheIsFierceHQ.com

You know, Taylor Swift is a pretty cool rising star!  I’m going to be honest – I don’t qualify as one of her biggest fans… I don’t know all of her songs… I don’t know a whole lot about her beyond what I see in magazine ads, quick posts from others and awards events here and there.  What I do know is that every time I happen to catch a glimpse of an interview with this fabulous young woman she leaves a simple yet powerful message from a place of inner confidence… and I LOVE IT!!

This past week, I was traveling and in NYC for a bit.  When I’m traveling, mornings are pretty quick for me-getting ready and preparing for the day.  Usually, I have music or the television on for background sound.  This past week, while staying in one of the hotels in Times Square that affords you the smallest rooms for the most outrageous prices, I was in the shower and could hear the television right outside the door.  Taylor was on being interviewed.  I’m not sure who was interviewing her but they got to the topic of dating and asked her why she’s so opposed to dating and having “someone special” in her life.  She chuckled a bit and shared that she actually wasn’t any of these things.  “I just really love my life, and everything that it entails.  That being said, I’ve come to a place in my life where I’m just really protective of my happy.  That’s just really important to me… more than focusing on trying to get that special someone in my life.”

All I could think was “Yesssssssssss!”  She said it so perfectly!  And what an important thing for anyone to give thought and energy to in what we know to be just one shot at life.  So this got me thinking, of course!  How important it is for us to protect our happy, especially in a world where one minute you can be listening to this wonderful message form a beautiful young lady to an interruption from the local news station with “Breaking News…” on the most recent dire situation we’re facing.

So, where do we go from here?  How do we actually protect our happy?  Well…

1. Choose to be happy…or whatever it is you want to be. 

A lot of my most memorable lessons go back to my time as an Eagle on the Heights on Boston College.  One of the biggest things I remember learning was that happiness is temporary but joy, joy is everlasting.  Whatever you choose as your state of mind and consistent mode of operating, happiness, joy, peace, whatever it is, just make a decision as to what it is.  For me, joy just resonates more than happiness.  I just feel that for me, joy just has a deeper meaning and comes from more of an inner self-awareness that then allows us to take on situations and experiences that can make us happy for a moment or a season.  Either way, just choose and commit to that decision.

What might that sound like?  Well, for me, I have decided to be and take joy in everything, understanding that even in tough situations, I don’t have to change this perspective, but I can change the circumstance with my outlook on happiness and joy.  Choose.

2. Decide who will be invited and encouraged to benefit from and contribute to your happy.

We all know that the company we keep tells a great deal about us. Our company influences us and how we experience life.  Taylor also explained how she decided to host an album preview party with her greatest fans, people she had selected from social media…AT HER HOUSE!  The interviewers were shocked asking “who let’s their fans into their home.”  She explained that these were the folks she could tell were just for her and had contributed to her success and her happiness, so she decided they would be invited into her space, into her happy, and encouraged to benefit from it.  Whoa!

Simple lesson, right?  But how many of us keep company that just isn’t good for us…either because we feel bad about shifting our focus from them elsewhere or because we are afraid to let go for fear that they may be the best we’re going to get.  Another lesson from my BC days from Dr. Brenda Brown to a group of us on a retreat – “you are not so unworthy of friendship that you have to accept any excuse for it!”  Now, I’m not suggesting cutting people off left and right here, but, I do encourage you to decide who will be in your circle?  Decide.  Don’t let others decide for you.

3. Eliminate detractors to your happy. 

I don’t believe this point needs much belaboring but here, my friends, I just remind you that life is way too short to allow people, circumstances and situations to detract from your happy.  Some of us have friends we need to let go of.  Some of us have to let that guy who really isn’t lifting us up out of our way.  Some of us may need to walk away from a current position and look for a new job to fulfill our purpose.  I could go on and on but all I’m getting at here is that if there are people, situations and/or circumstances that are not contributing to your happy, again, don’t go cutting people off left and right or just quitting a job, but start thinking about how to shift your focus so that you proactively eliminate the detractors to your happy.

4. Live Fabulously Fierce!

Protecting your happy is all about making your life what you want it to be… discovering every day what makes you you and how fabulous that is… defining how you want to exist in this world based on your revealed purpose, committing to living a life of distinction… living fabulously… fierce!

Protect your happy and for anything that doesn’t hold you true to that?  Well… of course, just ‘Shake it Off!’



Farah Bernier, She Is Fierce! ContributorFarah Bernier is an experienced HR, Sales, and Personal Branding professional. With over 10 years of corporate and independent coaching experience, Farah has developed and leveraged recruiting, analytical, crisis management, executive coaching and consulting skills across various industries, globally.

Ms. Bernier frequently delivers workshops on Personal Brand Building for students of various high schools, colleges and universities as well as professional women and entrepreneurs connected to the Center for Women and Enterprise. She has also served as speaker for various conferences including the Urban League’s Young Professionals’ Network, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.’s Young Women’s Leadership Academy, and the National Association of Asian Professionals for which she was recognized as Distinguished Speaker. Currently, Ms Bernier serves as the National Talent Management Director for her organization, focused on initiatives to further attract, retain, develop and advance historically underrepresented professionals in the accounting, tax and advisory professions. In her spare time, Farah is committed to Living Fabulously Fierce as a way of spotlighting, encouraging and uplifting the amazing women she finds herself having the opportunities to connect with.  Farah enjoys reading, reflecting and releasing stress through intense workouts at the gym. Ms. Bernier is a graduate of Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, earned her MBA in Global Studies and Entrepreneurship from Babson College and her Coaching Certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

Meet Farah here… livingfabulouslyfierce.wordpress.com