You Can Perseverance

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how hard you work, how dedicated to your happiness you are, or how often you work towards being a great person: life will go in unplanned directions with or without your permission. We, as creatures in this life, have no control of many things in our life. There are too many variables to account for to be truly in control at every single interval of time.

I have worked unyieldingly for years, I followed the rules, and I came up short in one aspect or another. Yet, friends with the same education, who worked less diligently – and gained less experience – have reached goals I dreamed about. Most things are in our control, but there is a uncontrollable factor which will derail the most attentive personality.

How should we react to such a situation: fall down, embrace the distraction and look the lesson it teaches us, and then continue on our journey. The recovery period, or the time spent finding the lesson, will vary; however, no outcome should leave us without ambition to continue finding our happiness.

Though difficult, and often disheartening, complex situations should not be the things that lead to our impending doom. Never let never keep you from following your dreams. Too many people have been told that they are physically in capable of achieving their version of “ever” (i.e., having a child, walking, singing, etc.), never settle for never, because humans are able to achieve many impossible things: be resilient!

Recently, many unforeseen financial burdens have presented themselves atop many expected financial burdens: I am terrified. Honestly, at this exact moment, I’m not sure how I will overcome the burdens I have accrued (e.g., extra medical and educational bills). However, as a human being, I am a natural survivor. Though things may appear dire and overwhelming, I have the power to take each situation one small piece at a time. I will be required to ask for assistance where it is available, my pride will be put into jeopardy, but I will overcome. Not all things worth doing are popular or in favor of pride; however, they are worth surviving and persevering. What I have control over is how I react to – and work to solve – the problems.

I hope that, if you are dealing with a similar situation, you are able to find the strength to keep going. Do not give up! Every single human being deals with overwhelming situations everyday, you are not alone in dealing with struggles. Keep your head up, embrace your emotions and feelings, and continue forward on your journey. It’s the process, and it will get better!

As long as you stay on the path to pursuing your happiness, you will always have what you need. Sometimes, even the worst case scenario can bring you closer to your true happiness. Never lose sight, because you can persevere.

Stephani Wilkes, She is Fierce! Contributor

Stephani Wilkes

Stephani is a curious soul who self-identifies as a philosophic, lifelong learner. She also likes to dye her hair various shades of red, purple, blue, and turquoise. Her personal interests include learning new things, empowering those around her, listening to the stories of others, and connecting previously disconnected dots.

Read her blog if you like a little bit of profanity mixed in with your professional research life. Her blog is used to communicate her cognitive tools interactions, her action research data/hopes/dreams, and her experience with testing new learning designs. Her research interests include failure communication, self-efficacy, research, games in learning, and many other topics (the list grows by the day).

Professionally, Stephani develops professional and technical documents. Additionally, she produces technical tutorials and research communication.

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