Women To Remember This Mother’s Day

Each year when Mother’s Day rolls around, we’re flooded with friendly reminders to honor our moms with a special gift or dinner at her favorite restaurant.  Our Pinterest feed is filled with D.I.Y. Mother’s Day crafts for kids and other creative ideas to let Mom know how much she’s loved. 

While these are fantastic ways to help us make Mother’s Day great, there are many women who’d like to skip the day altogether.  Some can barely handle the thought of getting out of bed on Mother’s Day and spend the week avoiding television, the internet, social media, church, and other reminders of honoring moms.

So many women face heartache and feel alone in their unique pain and sorrow.  It can be isolating to navigate this path by yourself, and to know someone remembers what you’re going through (even if they’ve never been through it personally), can change the day altogether!  

In addition to honoring your own mom this Mother’s Day, here are some additional women who need to know they’re not forgotten:


Women who’ve struggled with infertility.


Women who’ve experienced miscarriages or stillbirth, neonatal death, or even abortion. 


Women who’ve caught in limbo as they struggle to adopt.


Women who’ve labored and mothered under the grievous diagnosis of a child or who have a child hospitalized in intensive care. 


Women who’ve parented through a divorce. 


Women filling a step-parenting role.


Women who’ve lost their children to accidents, disease, or suicide. 


Women who desire to birth children but feel alone in singleness, waiting for the right man to start a family with.


Women who’ve been deployed, serving far away from their families. 


Women who carry the burden of a child in prison, mental care facility, or one who’s taken a difficult path in life.


Women who’s daughters or sons are missing.


Women who had a rocky relationship with their mother or never knew her.


Women who’ve lost their mother and continue to nurture a grieving heart.

How will you honor these special women this Mother’s Day?


chrissy-kirkmanChrissy Kirkman is a life coach, worship leader, dreamer, mentor, wife, and bonus mom with a passion to help others overcome adversity and achieve their dreams.  Creator of the ‘Radically Driven’ group coaching program, Chrissy understands first-hand what it’s like to want to give up. Enduring a divorce, financial hardship, weight loss struggles, depression, anxiety, endometriosis, multiple surgeries, and losing five babies has deepened Chrissy’s faith in God and transformed her into an overcomer!


Chrissy enjoys singing, traveling, and turning dull moments into laughter.  She resides in Kansas City, Missouri with her husband, bonus son, and pets.