Fierce women are passionate, bold, and desire to do work that matters. But Fierce women are also women who have bills to pay, children to raise, and households to run. Sometimes, it seems as if the two sides can’t meet. What she is passionate about doesn’t seem to be able to earn her income. Or what earns her income isn’t exactly something she is passionate about.

There is a way to blend passion with income and do work that truly touches your soul and helps you thrive in every way. Ask these three powerful questions and get on the path to doing just that.


1. What am I passionate about?

Get clear on what your passions are.

Make a list of all that excites and energizes you. Your list can cover various areas of your life and interests. All that is required is that only things you truly love go on the list.


2. What am I good at doing?

Identify your capabilities.

Sometimes, it can be hard for us to identify what we are truly good at doing. We get into the mode of downplaying our capabilities and dimming our light. But in this exercise, I want you to give yourself permission to accept your brilliance. So write down all the areas where you shine. Some may relate to your career and some may not. Don’t limit yourself. If you know that you absolutely rock party planning, even though you’ve not done it as a career, then write it down.


3. Who needs my capabilities?

Identify areas where people need the capabilities you identified.

Now, go back to your list of all the things you are good at doing and write down the types of businesses or organizations that hire people to do each of those things. For instance, in the party planning example from above, you may find that wedding and event planning companies hire party planners. So do corporations. You might realize that what makes you good at party planning — attention to detail, for instance — is attractive to other companies and nonprofits as well, and so that leads you to other positions. You might even decide that you can launch your own party planning business, thanks to all you know how to do. Write down every job or business opportunity you can think of for each of the capabilities you listed.

Now, go back through your three lists: passions, capabilities, and work opportunities.


Look through all three lists to see where they meet. For instance, you might have identified a passion for storytelling. You love being able to express your creativity through weaving a story, whether that is on paper, video, or on the stage. You might have identified that you are really good at creating videos and posts that go viral. You might have found that there are many jobs that would satisfy your passion and draw on your capabilities, such as communications strategist, social media strategist, or marketing consultant.

Seek out work that hits all three areas: your passion and your capability, and where there is a need in the marketplace.


Begin looking for work where all three of these areas are covered.

You truly can marry your passion and income to create life and work you love — and that matters to you.


Monica Carter Tagore, She Is Fierce! Contributor

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