Simple Hacks to Improve Your Home-Office

The relatively recent explosion in the number of people who are self-employed or who work from home for an employer has been both sudden and surprising. All kinds of issues have arisen. Schedule a visit with a qualified electrician to ensure the electrical safety of the domestic circuits for those working from home

One of the main issues which have driven this rise in an at-home-workforce, is, of course, the availability of high-speed internet connections which has allowed for improved communications in ways we only dreamed about a few short years ago.

The use of the internet is of course what allows most self-employed people to manage their businesses from home; even dog walkers and craftspeople need the internet to advertise and network.

How to improve your home office

If you’re the only person using your home office and it’s not for meeting clients or offering services, then you can please yourself regarding style and productivity

Looking at your desk is the first and most important aspect of ensuring your home office is comfortable. Do you have enough electrical outlets for a decent PC and speakers? If not, it’s vital that you don’t use unsafe power boards and extension cords around your workspace. It would be much safer and more convenient to consider having extra sockets installed by a professional.


Too many wires and sockets around a desk can be not only a fire hazard but also a tripping hazard, and even though you work from home, you still need to consider your safety!

If you’re in doubts about your electrical appliances or sockets, don’t hesitate to book an electrical safety check. That will not only give you peace of mind but could also help to lower your insurance premiums. You’ll be spending a lot of time there, so you need to know that everything is in order!

Make sure your lighting is up to scratch

A surprising amount of people use insufficient lighting in and around their homes, and their home offices are no better! A good desk lamp is vital in addition to a good quality ceiling light; this will make all the difference to your working day.

Don’t be tempted to use cheap or poor-quality fixtures or bulbs, the quality won’t be reliable, and again, the cheap fittings can pose a fire hazard.


Personal Comfort

Purchasing an ergonomic chair and the best possible mouse and keyboard will ensure that you will be comfortable, suffer no repetitive strain injuries and will thrive throughout your working day.


Approach things professionally

There’s no point in setting up a stylish and beautiful home office if it’s not productive. Ensure you have the very best internet access possible and if you need to, invest in a signal extender. Your attention needs to be on the details to ensure you’re able to perform to your best ability.


You’ll be spending a lot of time in your home office, so you need to know décor matching your design style and that space is safe and comfortable!

Alana started her business as a side job in college and has worked as both a seller’s and buyer’s agent for residential transaction before moving onto commercial real estate. Having discovered her passion for writing, she converted her website ‘realtordouglas’ into a blog to offer her expertise in all real estate matters to her readers.




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