Meet She Is Fierce! & Lift U Expert Mentor Dawn Falcone, The Chaos Liberator. Dawn helps busy women escape from clutter and restore order to their lives through invaluable virtual and in-person coaching. Her clientele includes entrepreneurs, hard working professionals, and mothers who are trying to juggle family and work, but need a little support managing and prioritizing it all.  Dawn shares her story about becoming a Professional Organizer – helping women free themselves from clutter not in order to be perfect but in order to live functionally.


Here are some great tidbits from the Podcast…


  • Dawn has a varied background, one of which was in fashion design for Fendi.  She approaches organizing with an eye toward design, “the first step to organizing is the same as design – form follows function.  So often people show me a picture of what they want their home to look like and I saw ‘we can get there’ but first we have to purge and clean, then organize… its not about looking pretty at first, its about function!” (5:10-6:00)
  • As a mom and an entrepreneur herself, 99% of her clients are moms and/or business women who are constantly in a state of juggling not only their own schedules but also their children.  She helps them decide what is most important for each client by begging the question “how do you want to make an impact with your children, how do you want to spend this time, because it is so fleeting,” and helps them to understand that it is ok to say no without guilt. (11:54-12:50)
  • “For me – I feel like its ok to be afraid as long as you keep moving forward” (14:38-14:45)
  • Dawn speaks to what she had to do in her life, which was a total lifestyle overhaul – “setting boundaries made the biggest impact and that is when I realized clutter is not just about stuff – my house was not cluttered but my schedule was and my mind was a hot mess!!” and most of the time when she helps people she helps them with their calendars in addition to their homes and spaces. (32:03-32:38)
  • Dawn wraps up her message by summing up her goal which is not perfection or to look like something like in a magazine, but its about functionality for you, and not hindering you – just start small.” (40:32-40:47)






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