As a growing online business, we love finding stories and online mentors who have created their own niche and re-invented their space!  In a world of eCourses, blogging, consulting, and so much more, we’ve have been wildly impressed by the determination these women have to make their own way and run with it!
Here are five of our particular favorites, but there are so many more fabulously fierce women online… Make sure to let us know who you follow!
Marie Forleo Headshot

Marie Forleo

After trying her hand at finance, publishing, and fashion, Marie finally found her spark deep within a life-coaching article. Soon after, she created what is now a multimillion dollar socially conscious empire helping other people find their niche quicker than she found hers. She has even been interviewed about “her art of the creative hustle” by the likes of Oprah, Tony Robbins, and Sir Richard Branson. This is the woman you want to turn to for a more raw and unfiltered perspective on business and success! PS: check out her weekly video series for your new dosage of a positive pick-me-up.



Serena Sandstorm

Serena Sandstorm

A Success Coach and Business Mentor, Serena Sandstorm is a highly notable fierce female entrepreneur in today’s growing online business sphere. Her business is your business, and any marketing or technical skills she has, she wants to pass them along and see them blossom with you!
While working with her clients, Serena promises to pinpoint and breakdown any personal or business weaknesses that might be limiting her client’s potential growth. She works closely with her clients to ensure that they become the dynamic, fearless, and highly motivated leader they hope to be.
Natalie MacNeil
Just as most things do, Natalie’s business began with a huge existential kick from the universe. Off on a soul-searching adventure, Natalie quite literally stumbled upon both a song and sign, saying “The World is Yours.” Feeling emboldened by this sign, she vowed to move forward in a life of passion and purpose. For Natalie, this purpose was helping others channel theirs and aid them in taking their first steps in the direction of their dreams.
She authored She Takes on the World, created an introductory entrepreneurship program, and her website has been recognized by Forbes on “Top 10 Websites for Entrepreneurial Women” – this lady is a force! If there’s one thing evident throughout her work, it is to have the same pushing impact on her clients’ lives as “The World is Yours” song and sign had on hers.
Kathryn Hocking

Kathryn Hocking

Coming from a corporate background, Kathryn Hocking one day found herself in a rut. Although she had the life most dream of, she was unable to actually live it herself. She had no time for her family or her own interests, so she began to think of other options until it became abundantly clear that starting her own business was the only option. Recognizing her strengths, Kathryn decided to create an eCourse so that busy, proactive women like herself could also afford to pursue the entrepreneurial lifestyle. She went on to create the purpose-driven eCourses like the eCourse Launch Formula and the premium Mastermind Program, where her clients could access marketing and business advice. So, follow her lead, take the leap and check her out if you are in pursuit of some advice for starting up your own eCourse.


Kate McKibbin

Kate McKibbin

Last but certainly not least, Kate McGibbin honed a skill set gained from her previous career in beauty and fashion editorials and forged her online empire DropDeadGorgeous (DDG). The website aims to be the best fashion and beauty portal in Australia, but women all over the world love the site (she’s got  450,000+ new readers every month)! She and her staff work to provide some of the best style and beauty advice for women, and due to the blog’s success, Kate began various eCourses for women looking to do something similar. If you want to make your blog into something more than a shoe fund and turn it into a profitable business, Kate has designed three unique programs based on your present blogging abilities to get you started!




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