Hi, I'm Kelly, the founder of She Is Fierce! 

Now, I haven’t always been the host of a global community filled with the most brilliant women in the world. Not all that long ago, I lived in London and worked a bazillion (not an exaggeration) hours a week as a high-flying media producer.

While I loved what I did, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there had to be more to life than workaholism and that I had the potential to contribute something of greater importance.

After a lot of self-reflection and some of the same practices you'll learn in our membership, I reflected on something I had wanted to for years and years... creating a community where women could discover their true potential, feel empowered, and accomplish amazing things! 

I had finally had the space in my own life to make that happen... So I did!

Today, She Is Fierce! has grown into something so much bigger than me... a community of women of impact all over the world.

I am completely humbled and inspired every day with the success the women in our tribe have been creating in their lives.

The world needs your contribution too... and I know that She Is Fierce! can help you create the life you've imagined!

Joining our membership community means you are joining a group of women who are doing BIG THINGS in the world... both professionally, personally, and for others.

I CAN'T WAIT to meet, connect and take this leap with you!!

Soccer Mom

6. Fav. weekend activity

Broadway Showtunes

5. Guilty pleasure

Child whisperer

4. Secret talent

Anything fruity!

3. Cocktail order

City breaks

2. Vacation of choice

Chocolate, obviously

1. Favorite food


12. Fav. Instagrammer

 Blake Lively

11. Role Model


10. Sweet or Salty?

Zac Efron

9. Celeb Crush


8. Take my money...

Beach House

7. Favorite Band

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City breaks, Showtunes and Chocolate ... Time to reveal a few of my obsessions.
See anything we have in common?

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Kelly Youngs is the founder of global women’s network She Is Fierce!, an Emmy-nominated Executive Producer, and a Brand Development Consultant. She has been the creative and strategic lead on many award-winning TV, digital and press projects.

Before founding She Is Fierce!, Kelly was the VP of Legacy Events & Entertainment, where she helped develop and bring to life Glory Days, an Emmy-nominated TV program featuring legendary professional athletes from the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears teams.  

She has also been a Senior Producer at CNN International’s London Bureau where she oversaw digital engagement pursuits; innovation with new technologies and social media on TV and online, development and editorial management of the CNNMobile.com site, management of CNN’s video syndication in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and built yearly strategies and roadmaps for new media development.

Prior to those roles, she held a number of media positions on three continents, including Product Development Manager at Sky Broadcasting UK, Online Manager for the bestselling BBC documentary series Long Way Down, starring Ewan MacGregor, and TV & digital producer in the US, Australia and the UK.

She has a Master’s Degree in Media Practice from Sydney University and a Bachelor’s Degree from Stetson University.  In academia, she taught Communications at Flagler College for five years.

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“I have always been hesitant about joining organizations where the participants are female-dominated, mainly because of their reputation for cattiness and cliques.

 Attending Kelly’s series was an absolutely refreshing experience.

She Is Fierce! blew my expectations out of the water. Kelly Youngs cultivated an environment of inclusion, comfort and professionalism. She is Fierce! is making great strides and I expect exceptional outcomes from all their endeavors.“

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Founder, AllIKnowJax



"Real encouragement, real strength, real mentorship, are often best shared woman to woman... to be a fierce woman is to encompass that and more.  I have had many labels in my life, but there is one I covet... 'She Is Fierce!'  Thanks Kelly!"

The Reviews:




"Joining She Is Fierce! has exceeded my expectations - I've been able to connect with Kelly and so many other women in the community personally... plus, having access to the membership site means I have everything I need as a busy professional woman - and support as I get real about my exciting new business on the side!'

The Reviews:


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