People often ask me how I kept my sanity while working from home for 8-10 hrs a day with a 2-year old.  My son is now a 7-year-old and I have another 15-month-old baby girl, and I still have and love my work-at-home job.

And, I too often wonder how I did it!

It’s not easy but I’m thankful that I have two beautiful kids, a great husband and a job I love.

Here are some of the small steps to help a work-at-home-mom stay sane:


1) Love your job or business.

You just can’t just force yourself to love your job but If you do, it is not as stressful and tiring as the work you don’t love. So if you are an entrepreneur, hire someone else to do the tasks that you hate doing. Outsource!

2) Hire a cleaner.

Ever since I worked from home, I feel that I’ve been working more than my 9-5 job or maybe I only feel that way because I take care of my kids or clean the house while working. I realized that I needed help when husband noticed that I always look tired and I’m always angry so he suggested hiring a cleaner. So I did. Don’t do everything by yourself. You need to focus on things you are good at and cleaners are great at cleaning so why not hire help?

3) Get out of your house and take a digital sabbatical at least once a week.

Some people might disagree with me on this, but my reasoning is that whenever I am at home, I NEVER turn off my laptop… I just can’t. I know, I lack self-discipline. But, you have to know yourself.  I know that stepping away physically is the only way I can stay away from my laptop. You don’t have to do something expensive; you can go to the park, read your favorite book, visit family, a friend or get a mani/pedi.

4) Celebrate your accomplishments.

Even if it is a small goal, celebrate it. Not slowing down will make you feel depressed and exhausted. Share your accomplishments with people who are going to be happy for you. Treat yourself.  You work hard – you deserve it!



Angeline Ambatali is a full time general Virtual Assistant and has worked with CEO’s, small business owners and entrepreneurs over the years.

She is a mother of two wonderful children, Lauren and Ezekiel, and wife to a very supportive husband, Raymund.

Meet Angeline here… or on LinkedIn and Twitter





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