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I tell people all the time, “Listen to your body”!

Headaches, bloating, dry skin, bad breath and breakouts are all indicators of something being off balance in your body. Learning to listen to your body and see the signs of being unbalanced is a great skill to be in tune with. Today, I want to talk about what your skin and breakouts are telling you about your body. Blemishes can be related to nutrition, hormones, genetics or environmental factors. Using skin mapping on your face can help to read those blemishes and find out what factors are influencing your health. Where do you typically breakout?


Breakouts on your forehead may be a sign of liver or gallbladder imbalance. Give your body a break from rich food, alcoholic beverages and drinks lots of water!

Between the Eyebrows

Poor digestion and a toxic build up in your stomach and liver could be the reason for these breakouts. An elimination diet might help you narrow down what is upsetting your stomach or you could also do a light cleanse to eliminate those nasty toxins.

Temples & Brow Line

This area is linked to your kidneys. If you experience breakouts here it could be an indication of dehydration and overworked kidneys. Low back pain might also be an indicator for kidney issues. Add more water into your daily routine and add superfoods like kale, spinach and berries.

Under the Eyes

Puffiness and/or dark circles under your eyes might be a sign of problems with your stomach, kidneys and liver. Try removing alcohol, caffeine and sugar from your diet to eliminate issues in this area.


Cheeks are linked to your stomach and lungs. If you have reoccurring blemishes on your cheeks you may have wheat or dairy sensitivities.

Nose & Mouth Area

Clean up your diet and add some cleansing vegetable juice because breakouts on your nose are linked to your liver and stomach. Similar to breakouts between the eyebrows, having food sensitivities and toxic buildups might be the cause.


Breakouts on your jawline are commonly connected to hormonal stress, especially in women. Including lean protein, fruits, veggies, whole grains and healthy fats can assist in balancing your hormones.

Healthy skin always comes back to balancing your health, improving your immunity and discovering food sensitivities. I always recommend listening to your body and skin mapping is a great way to do that. Give skin mapping a try, it might surprise you how accurate it can be!



Emily Beatty - She Is Fierce! Contributor

Emily Beatty has a passion for holistic living and healthy cooking. While healing her own health issues, Emily discovered a way of living that left her 20 pounds lighter, full of energy and migraine free. She now runs a successful healthy living blog and is currently working towards becoming a certified Holistic Health Coach.

You can read about Emily’s journey to good health and get access to tons of resources to improve your own health at http://www.tryingtobealady.weebly.com or find her on Twitter, Facebook andInstagram!


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