Married with Employees


Meet Heather Vreeland, founder of The Celebration Society and Occasions Media Group. When Heather came to the publishing industry, she had no prior experience, but was able to transform a dream into a hugely successful and respected multi-platform media company. Heather shares her journey of becoming an entrepreneur, starting a business with her husband, being a working mom and just doing things her own way with heart, hustle and chutzpah.

Here are some great tidbits from the Podcast…


  • Heather shares her struggles of being an entrepreneur and how becoming a manager takes time, there are often grayed lines between friendship and business and how she learned to navigate that. (14:06-14:35)
  • When asked how she overcomes hurtles, Heather responds “I just keep swimming.” (18:38-18:41)
  • One of the tips Heather shares on scheduling is she batches her tasks, she actually maps out her days and weeks based on which when will be design intensive or administrative.  (28:19-28:40)
  • Heather shares that when deciding to start a business it is important to first decide “is this worth my time and can it be profitable” and then once you have decided to start, put blinders on and “eliminate comparison because that will drag you down.” (33:00-33:43)
  • One of the main things Heather stresses is “comparison is the thief of joy and it doesn’t allowing you to celebrate” other women, and provides the reminder to women that our world is abundant and success breeds success and when one of us succeeds it just opens more doors for others to succeed. (37:50-38:53)




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