Get Off The Scale


Get off the scale. Back away. Don’t look in its direction. Just stop stepping on to it. Sound crazy? Maybe, but I think it is crazy to obsess over a number. To think your worth is in that number, to let that number control if you are happy or frustrated for the day. That is crazy.

Are you going to the gym, going for walks, or really doing any type of exercise that makes you happy and feel good? Are you doing the best you can to be healthy? Then STOP punishing yourself! That is what you are doing when you only gauge your work out success or failure by the number on the scale and believe me I have done it too.

I am not sure what took me so long but one day I realized that I was punishing myself for working hard. If I was only judging all my hard work by the number on the scale then I was selling myself and my efforts very short. I needed to stop and change the attitude I brought to my work outs. I have worked hard for the body I have. I get up early and go work out. I push myself, I sweat, I get sore, I get tired, and I get it done. So who the hell was I to get down on myself for that? It was as if I was trying to convince myself that wasn’t good enough, which is crazy. This is the body I have, it may not be perfect to others, it may not be everyone’s ‘body type’, but you know what? It is mine. I was putting more effort in to finding its ‘imperfections’ and to get down on myself then I was in to appreciating it and the work it put in. So I no longer step on the scale, I have no interest in it. It won’t make me feel stronger, more accomplished, more beautiful, or better about myself, no matter what it says. It won’t help you feel those things either. Instead I choose to focus on goals that push me, that allow me to know I left it all there in the gym, including my frustrations, barriers, and doubts. The number on the scale is not the answer to better self esteem; it is not what will bring more confidence. We need to love ourselves. We need to accept ourselves. We need to stop stressing ourselves out. We need to understand that none of us look alike. We need to let go of the misconstrued preconception of what all our bodies should be, and believe me this is always going to be difficult. But it is time to just let go and appreciate the effort, the sweat, and the hard work that gave us the bodies we have.

So go to the gym, do daily walks, find whatever exercise routine is that and pushes you to the next level every day. Find ways to eat healthy, but also enjoy life and the little indulgences. Make goals and smash them, then make new ones and appreciate the work you are putting in, appreciate the body you have, and for the love of God get off of the scale!


Rebekah Hibbert, She Is Fierce! ContributorRebekah Hibbert is a Certified Athletic Trainer who works on getting athletes ready for their sport and taking care of them after they are hurt.  She is passionate about women’s issues and sharing that passion through various social media outlets and is a part-time blogger trying to share my knowledge and experiences while connecting with others.

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