Angela Savitri

How and why did you start your business?

In 2006, when I was only 29 years old, I had to take a medical leave of absence from my leadership position at a biotech company due to chronic stress + burnout. It was a humbling and ego-deflating experience. I was in bad shape physically and emotionally, and finding the right type of help was an exhausting and difficult journey.

When traditional medicine and talk therapy failed, I used my science background and truth-seeking mind to set myself free. It took several years, but by looking within my heart, practicing mindfulness, honoring my truth, and being kind to my body, I found a methodology to experience an unburdened and content life, even with a demanding career.

After my medical leave, I stayed at my corporate job 5 more years until I was 100% solid in my transformation. I left my awesome job to help other women who were raised just like me – to achieve, to plow through, to not make too many waves – to experience freedom from chronic stress.


How did you get up the courage to take a leap?

I don’t think it takes courage to take the leap, I think it takes heart.

During the last couple of years while still at my company, there became an obvious discrepancy of who I had become and how the company was not moving with me. I began feeling sad at leadership and sales meetings because there was a big part of me that no longer identified with many of the values, approaches, and priorities of the company.

I was expanding into a whole-hearted life, and that meant aligning my work in the world with my values, my voice, and my personality.

How have you dealt with the challenges you’ve faced?

There are so many challenges in taking the leap and becoming an entrepreneur! This path is not for the faint of heart. The biggest challenge I face is myself – bumping up against my own resistance, doubts, and disappointments.

I seek out strategic help from excellent business coaches; it’s crucial to invest in your own business development and find the right people to help your business grow.

On the personal side, I remain flexible with my self-care and have to cocoon often because I put myself out there so much. There is a necessary engage, then disengage, pattern I navigate to keep myself resourced for my own well-being, my clients, and my business priorities.

How sweet have your successes have been?

The sweetest success is two-fold. Being an entrepreneur allows for infinite creativity, and I love it! I have over 300+ blog post titles yet to be written, and so many ideas for courses and workshops. Having the freedom to express my work in the world is energizing.

My biggest sweet success is the outcomes my clients experience. I care about making the world a compassionate and sustainable place, and I do that by helping professional women learn to be calm in the storm. You’ve got to BE the peace to BRING the peace. This way of being filters into their home life, friendships, workplace, and society. My eyes get teary thinking about how when they change themselves, this ripples out to more freedom, more sanity, and more peace to a hectic and uncertain world.

Angela Savitri, She is Fierce! Contributor

Angela Savitri

Angela Savitri is a Freedom from Chronic Stress Coach and helps professional women stop allowing work, pressure, and other people rule their lives. She healed her own chronic stress crisis while still working in a corporate environment and now helps high-achieving women lead unburdened and content lives, even with a demanding career. Receive your free video series, ‘How to Stop Overscheduling: Less Rushed + More Effective,’ at




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