When you’re alone with your thoughts, what do you say stories do you tell yourself about who you are and what you look like? Are they positive or negative?  Would you say them to your friend?  What about your worst enemy?

Dove launched their latest ad campaign this month, called ‘One Beautiful Thought.’ The ad features several French women who were asked to write down every negative thought that they had about themselves and their body image.

Dove’s team turned their writings into a dialogue, which was recited by actresses in front of the women at a coffee shop. The women looked mortified as they heard what the actresses were saying to each other, realizing that they were hearing the thoughts they had about themselves spoken aloud.

One of the women approaches the actresses who used her own words to herself in conversation saying, “Hey girls, it’s very violent to say that… But yes, it’s what I say to myself all day long. Now, I get how violent it is!”

With this campaign as well #SpeakBeautiful, Dove is using their advertising dollars to attempt to not only sell beauty and hygiene products, but also influence the way that women speak about themselves.

We certainly agree that it’s time to end the negativity!  Dove ends the ad with the question, “If it’s not acceptable to say it to someone else, why say it to ourselves?”

Remember that next time you look in the mirror and think anything less than fabulous. You are beautiful, you are FIERCE!





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