Do you often ask yourself what YOUR story would be called if it was a movie or a book?

Who would play the lead? What would the tagline be?
Would you feel proud of your story, if you read it?
Are you happy with the theme?

Those of you who answered “YES!” to all of the above – you can stop reading now. You are ahead of most of us, girls.

To those who feel like someone else is telling their story:
How do we see our own stories, let alone figure out if they are what we want?

We just need one thing…well, no, two:
Compassion and Awareness.

So darling #sheisfierce #girlboss, here is a short and sweet self-love workout for you to look at, as you start becoming more aware of and listening to YOUR STORY with compassion and openness:


Okay 🙂
Do this exercise right before you start your day, or in the end of it : after you send your last email, or polish off that episode of Orange is the New Black (is anyone else still watching it?)

A) Get comfortable, pour yourself some awesome tea, put some music on, light a candle and…Say to yourself 3 times:

-I love you fully and completely, just as you are. I am enough. I will listen now.

Now find and really feel compassion and acceptance towards your fear,  stress and insecurities. Right Now, It is safe to feel all that will come up to the surface.

B) Next, ask yourself:

1) Do I know the way my story goes?
2) What are the chapters of my story?
3) Am I excited to live them everyday?
4) What chapter of this story do I want to change?
5) What chapter do I want more of?

See what comes to the surface of your mind and your heart. I encourage you to write it all down, or better yet, record yourself on your phone, as you are sharing with yourself and answering these questions. ( I talk to myself all of the time…and it is so different than when I talk to others….
Whatever questions come up after you answer the initial ones I gave you, keep answering them. Questions beget questions.
It’s magical what you can find once you start asking yourself new questions…and receiving bran new information to help you build your vision and live the life you truly want.
Want some extra love and support?
Ask a friend to do this exercise with you.


You may just help each other become the fierce leads of your lives!

Accountability and sharing really helps keep us on track with our dreams.
By becoming aware and grateful, we no longer see ourselves as working for someone else’s story, or victims of our circumstances.
No victim feels grateful, excited or in control.
No victim HAS RESPONSIBILITY for their happiness.
In fact, as soon as you feel you HAVE the POWER to put your HAPPINESS first, you automatically know what you need to do, and somehow feel the energy to START.
You step out of your supporting character label.
You walk into your true role.
As the protagonist of your self-love story.

With love and with compassion towards all that brought you to this point. It was a part of your old story. And you let it go. It has nothing on the story you start telling yourself right now.


So how do you feel about the story you tell  yourself concerning your looks, energy, work life, relationships and money?

Know, AS SOON as you accept that you may have a story that is NOT serving YOU, and how you want to feel about your life-
That means, you CAN rewrite it.

Kick out the ghostwriter.
Take his pen away.
Stand up to all that YOU ARE NOT,
It is the first step that is hardest.
The first chapter you will consciously REWRITE will feel weird.
Old habits die hard.
So start with one thing.

Just one.

Look at:

Your food story.
Your sex story.
Your family story.
Your financial security story.

Are they serving you?
If not… time to get paint all over your hands and face, darling #fierce girl!
Time to start creating the story YOUR way. The winning, happy, stress-free… loving story you dream of.

A story like that will attract the RIGHT characters to support it.

I feel that in the end… not much really remains of us, and not much really matters to us…

BUT HOW WE FELT LIVING OUR STORY. The moments we felt blessed and knew we were enough.

Did we love fully?
Did we know we were free?
Did we feel proud of ourselves?
Did we give with joy?

I wish you all of the above as you continue to fearlessly surf through that fabulous, unique story you are writing!

Make it awesome and make it YOURS.



Sasha Lipskaia, She Is Fierce! ContributorSasha Lipskaia Is a cheerleader and right hand girl to girls everywhere. She is a confidence and desire coach, motivating fabulous girls to run their own show, live a healthy and confident life and use their gifts and passion to successfully pursue their desire.

A kid at heart, she is a certified life+wellness coach and business strategist. She is also a fitness professional and nutrition nerd. An avid walker and hiker, once you get her in the kitchen she can bake and cook with abandon for hours, as she creates… (and burns) healthy, allergen -free, decadent recipes! She reads whenever she can, is a film buff and a lover of all things magical and mythical. On snowy Montreal nights, she may indulge in a teary rom-com or Grey’s Anatomy, while drinking a super hot chocolate infused with medicinal herbs!

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