Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Realistic #SquadGoals


We are loving Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s SNL comeback… especially their take on #SquadGoals!

Taylor Swift brought #SquadGoals to everyone’s attention with her Bad Blood video, featuring her clique of model besties… but Tina and Amy have taken their own squad goals to another level – and certainly a more real level!

They’re Bad Blood parody includes cameos by Tina’s nanny, Amy’s two nannies, their favorite waitress, their shared gynecologist and more… and to add a little celebrity to the video, this year’s biggest comedian, Amy Poehler pops up!


Our favorite part?


Celebrating all the women who make a strong career possible!  We love that Tina and Amy are happy to share that they need a whole team of friends, colleagues and even employees to make their impressive careers possible!


Watch the full video below!



Watch Taylor Swift’s original video here:




Why I Became An Indie Author

Why I Became An Indie Author

I’ve dreamed of becoming an author my whole life. As a child, I would sit in my room and write for hours at a time.

Growing up, life took me down different paths and I sampled a variety of working positions. Finally, on January 1, 2014, I knew the time had come to get serious with my writing.

That morning is ingrained permanently in my mind. I was watching the CBS Morning Show with my Mom. A young family was featured-within a short time, both parents had lost their jobs.


The wife decided to write a book and publish it. After studying all the books on the New York Times best-seller list, she sat down to write her book.

Once she was finished with edits, cover artwork, and the full manuscript, she uploaded it to a platform called Smashwords. Her book sold 500 copies in the first day!

I was absolutely floored by the fact that she could publish a book herself. By the way, this author is Jasinda Wilder, and she  has become pretty successful since then.

I made a goal that day to publish my own book in a year.

But why become an indie author?

I wanted the freedom and complete control over my work. I wanted to be able to work as long as I needed to put out the best book possible.

I didn’t want to be on a deadline, constantly stressed that I may not get it done. The thought of pitching to an agent was pretty terrifying and I did not like the idea of having to work with a team that may not fully capture my vision.

I wanted to be able to hire buy or hire someone to design my cover, format my book and draw my illustrations. I wanted to be able to search and pick my own team versus having to work with in-house designers and formatters whose work I may not care for.

And as scary as it seemed, I wanted the challenge of building my own platform and promoting my own work.

What I didn’t want was to shell out big bucks to a publishing mill. I had researched these in the past, and the price always scared me away.  I also did not want to worry about my book being packed up after two or three weeks on the shelves due to low or no sales-the harsh reality of traditional publishing.

I pretty much wanted to cut out the middleman and fulfill my dream on my own terms.

My book was finished three months after my original deadline. Better late than never.

In March of 2015, I released Lithium Dreams And Melancholy Sunrise.

I was very proud of my poetry book, and went on to release my second book of poems in April, The Safety Of Objects.

I am currently getting ready to release my first children’s book. Don’t Eat Your Boogers (You’ll Turn Green)  will be released in November.

Have my sales been stellar?

No, but poetry is a hard sell-either people like it or they don’t.

Is my platform perfect?

Not yet, but I keep improving.

It has been a learning process, but I’m so glad I’m doing things on my own terms. This indie author wouldn’t have it any other way.

Carrie LowranceCarrie Lowrance is a freelance writer for hire and author. Since childhood she has dreamed of becoming a published writer. This year she finally made it happen by self-publishing two books of poetry, Lithium Dreams And Melancholy Sunrise and The Safety Of Objects. She will also publish her first children’s book, Don’t Eat Your Boogers (You’ll Turn Green) this year. When not writing, she enjoys cooking, baking, and reading. She shares her life with her husband, a one-eyed cat named Colin and a rabbit named Abbey who thinks she is a diva. You can contact Carrie via her author site www.carrielowrance.com or her freelance site, www.freelancebylowrance.com. She is also on Facebook.

What’s Hiding Under Your Coat?

As the temperatures start to get cooler, we draw comfort in the fact that there is one fabulous and stylish item in our closets that will keep us warm: the coat. Depending on which kind of look is to be achieved, this piece can be combined in so many ways – boho, urban, elegant, vintage, and even sporty outfits can be spiced up thanks to this marvellous piece.

Coat Collage 01 (1)

Here are some tips on how to make a perfect combo for different occasions. Enjoy!

Casual Everyday Look

Casual, everyday look requires practical but fashionable pieces that are comfortable at the same time. Oversized sweater is an ultimate piece for this winter – it is very trendy and cozy at the same time, which makes it perfect for an urban look. Casual Everyday Look Collage

It goes well with skinny jeans or leather pants, and ankle booties. A piece of chunky jewellery, such as a brooch or large earrings, is definitely a must. Combining all these items with a fabulous knee-length coat in the matching colour is the most amazing choice, since these are perfect for cold winter days.

Glamorous Look on Fleek

Any outfit can be significantly enhanced with a luxurious haute couture coat that adds a touch of glamour to every look. A little black dress is always the perfect choice, and it can be matched with a floor-length coat in the same colour.

Glamorous Look Collage

Such a piece has been featured in the latest collections of the world’s most prominent designers, and it definitely works off the runway, too. It is typical of high-street fashion,contributing to a dramatic look. Just make sure that the rest of the outfit is not over-the-top. A pair of killer stilettos is the perfect choice to make this combo even more irresistible.

Normcore Look

Coats are very cool and easy to combine, which is why many girls decide to match them with sweatshirts and sneakers. Such a combo is a true representative of the normcore look that is rocking the world of fashion this season. Such a style is pretty much laid-back and unconventional, since it combines the items that seem to be mutually incompatible.

No matter what, such a look is very popular among the fashion-forward girls all over the globe, and that definitely tells a lot about its worth. Even a lot of celebrities, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Anne Hathaway embraced this trend.

Business Look

Business look definitely requires a certain amount of elegance and sophistication – this is true for both women and men. When it comes to women’s business fashion, it is pretty much straightforward – a knee-length pencil skirt or classic trousers in combination with a jacket of the same style are highly-required.

When it comes to men’s fashion, the situation is almost the same. A suit that perfectly fits is an absolute must-have, however, customised ones are the best way for a businessman to stand out from the rest. iTailor offers the most amazing suits that are made of top quality fabrics. Of course, a coat is necessary for spicing up the business look, for both men and women. The right one will definitely contribute to a sophisticated and professional look.

Business Look Collage

As you can see, a coat is a very versatile item that can be worn in a wide range of different occasions. Depending on its shape, length and colour, it is appropriate for both going out for a drink with best friends and having a business lunch with partners. So, which one is your favourite?



Sophia Smith headshotSophia Smith is a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia with huge interest in beauty, makeup, fashion, graphic design and photography. She could be described as beauty addict and life lover. She writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is regular contributor at High Style Life on topics related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

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Why Saying Sorry Is Holding You Back

 Why Saying Sorry Is Holding You Back
I was recently asked by Avon’s Beauty for a Purpose to contribute to an article they were putting together all about the psychology of the word “sorry.”

As soon as I started reading the email I was nodding my head along.  By the third line, I had already gone on a little rant in my head about why we as women apologize SO MUCH… and then I started giving myself a little guilt trip for doing it so often myself.  Clearly, this topic is a trigger for me!

The struggle to stop using the word “sorry” in situations that require either a simple “excuse me,” or where the other person is clearly at fault, is one that I have yet to overcome.

Even as a woman who runs a global website and business focused on giving women the tools to live their lives boldly, I find that apologizing is so deeply ingrained in me as a woman that I actually have to intentionally try not to apologize when someone else elbows me, talks over me, or treats me with disrespect!

Women are taught from a young age that we should be smart, strong, successful… yet still feminine, soft, humble and accommodating.  We are taught to qualify every statement with “sorry,” to make our beliefs and arguments more palatable.

“Sorry” can be a very powerful and meaningful word, and it should be used sparingly – when we are truly in the wrong.  Using it in every sentence takes away our power as women to say what we believe with conviction; it limits our ability to follow up our statements with strength.

We limit ourselves and our potential when we use “sorry” by inviting the other person to look down on us and assume we don’t have strength of conviction.

Women have such incredibly fierce power and strength.  We have to stop apologizing for taking up space, having opinions, and believing in ourselves!

I encourage you to join me in my own personal challenge.  It’s a tough one.  I am not going to say the word “sorry” all day for ONE DAY.  I am truly not sure I will be able to do it, not because I’m constantly being rude to people, but because it is such a default word.

Let’s try together!  I’ll let you know how my day goes in the comments section below.  Share your experience there too… and pass along the challenge to the other women in your life!

Kelly Youngs, She Is Fierce! Founder

 Hi!  I’m Kelly, the Founder of She Is Fierce!  I am so proud to lead this amazing community of seriously Fierce Women!

Want to get to know me better?  Read this recent interview by The Self-Love Formula!

Or, if you’re looking for help building YOUR brand, find info here… Meet The Founder or here… www.kellyyoungs.com or on Twitter and LinkedIn

Styling Your Home Office for Productivity and Style

Dollarphotoclub_90047439Gone are the days of a musty gray cubicle.

With the rise of the telecommuting job and entrepreneurism, your workspace is yours to design and create. If you have some extra room in your home or apartment, arranging an office space will greatly help you boost your productivity.

You know you want your office to be ergonomic and efficient, and yet it should have an edge of style to it. While it may seem like you’re asking for a lot, there are some tips out there to help you create a space both functional and beautiful.

Sound too good to be true? Keep reading!

Think Clean Lines

When you’re at work in your home office, you want all of your focus to go on the project at hand. In order to minimize distraction, keep clutter and knick-knacks to a minimum. It’s okay if you don’t file everything as soon as it comes in, but have a set bin or file where it goes to keep it out of your valuable workspace.

Clean lines can be created in numerous ways. From the furniture you select to the way you keep your desktop, you can create maximum space in even a tiny office. Pick a modern desk with metal or glass pulls for a classic look. If you already have a nice desk but don’t like the color, paint it in a light, neutral shade. Clean lines create a clean and creative mind!

Pick an Accent Piece

If everything in your office is pretty but bland, spice things up a bit with a show-stopping accent piece. A warm and cozy chair in a velvet material will draw the eye but won’t distract you from your work. Or maybe you’re into artwork. Go ahead and splurge on a cool world map and mark all of the places you’ve been or want to go.

An accent piece should be either functional or inspire you, or if you’re lucky enough, it will do double duty. Think outside the box with what your accent piece will be. A rug or a lamp is a perfect choice, but you could also create an accent wall with a customized quote that inspires your creativity!

Focus on Lighting

It’s easy to want to jump right into the paint color you’re going to select for your walls or the furniture you’re budgeting to buy. And while that’s great, you should also make sure you’re researching the lighting you’ll have in your home office.

Natural lighting is perfect, but sometimes, when you are working on a computer screen, the glare can become annoying. If you don’t have a window or the light is too harsh during your work hours, invest in some warm and inviting lighting!

Floor lamps can be beautiful and functional, casting direct light if needed or a glow to fill the room. If you’re tight on floor space, you’ll want to consider a lamp for your desktop or track lighting. Good lighting will make it easier for you to stay focused on projects without squinting.

Keep It Cozy

Working in your home office just got even better. A few studies have revealed comfort in an office can actually increase work productivity. So break out some pillows, make that tea and get to work!

To create the perfect realm of comfort in your home office, keep some feng shui principles in mind when you’re setting up your office and purchasing your furniture. Here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Keep your chair in a location where you can see the door.
  • Have a view out a window, if possible.
  • Bring nature indoors with some easy-to-keep houseplants.
  • Separate your home office from the rest of your life. Ideally, this would be by closing a door, but a curtain or standing divider will work.
  • Keep cords hidden to minimize unnecessary clutter.

By “keep it cozy,” we don’t mean add a bed into your office — the goal is to work, not nap. However, a beanbag chair or a soft blanket may just be your ticket to achieving those goals!

Create Sensible Storage

If there is one thing you won’t be able to live without in your office, it is storage and lots of it. Whether you’re using your office for business or just personal use will affect the type and amount of storage you’ll need.

The main goal with storage is to create a place for everything, which will reduce the stress of not being able to find what you’re looking for — we all know that feeling too well. Sensible storage means it’s functional and easy to organize. It’s great if you have a shelf that is three feet deep, but is it really practical if you’re only going to place books on it for display?

Probably not. The form should fit the function, so before you splurge on storage bins and cubbies, figure out what you’ll be storing. If you want certain items out in the open, how will you display and store them? If you’re looking to hide away paper clutter, you’ll need a way to file all items to keep your desktop clear.

With some of the above items taken into account for your home office design, you’ll have a dazzling workspace in no time!


Savannah Hemmings, She is Fierce! Contributor

Savannah Hemmings

Savannah Hemmings is a lifestyle blogger and personal stylist. She has a passion for equal wages, guacamole and chickory coffee from New Orleans. When she isn’t writing about her favorite design trends, you can most likely find her training for her latest marathon.

Connect with Savannah… Sincerely Savannah, Twitter


My Leap of Fierce! – Katie Ghiotto

View More: http://severine-photography.pass.us/ghiotto_2015

After years of building a successful career as an interior designer — from schooling to internships to finding just the right job at an architectural firm — Katie Ghiotto of Neptune Beach, Florida, found herself a new mom and not sure her corporate career meant so much anymore. As luck would have it, her friend had just become an Arbonne Consultant — and Katie saw a life changing opportunity.
In the summer of 2012 a friend told me about her new endeavor, becoming an Arbonne Consultant. It was perfect timing, for so many reasons. First, I had just had my first child, an adorable little boy who had sensitive skin. So I wanted to try these products on him, and felt safe doing so knowing that everything was botanically based. Second, I was not happy about having to leave the house every day and go back to my corporate job, missing my baby. And third, although I had worked hard for years building my career, I was no longer enjoying it. Essentially, I found myself on the ‘hamster wheel’ of life — going to work five days a week, unhappy, and now with a young son I wanted to be home for.

So after months of using the baby products, I called my friend back to learn about how to start my own business with Arbonne. I was really impressed with the products as I couldn’t believe how quickly they made a positive difference in my son’s skin and now, I was equally impressed with the business opportunity. By this point, my pain was far greater than my fears and I decided to jump in and commit. Although I was excited by the long-term income potential, owning my own business, being my own boss, and time freedom this opportunity offered, I focused at first only on my short-term goal of replacing my part-time income. This would allow me to leave my corporate job behind and stay home. Focusing first on that small goal, gave me the courage to take that first leap of faith to make changes in my life that I had been previously too scared to do. Incredibly, after the first few months, I was able to replace that income and make an even bigger leap of faith by leaving that ‘secure’ corporate job for good!

I did start my business with fears and hesitations. I had no background in sales, skincare or nutritional products — all things I thought I needed. I also lacked confidence and didn’t enjoy speaking in front of people — more things I assumed would hold me back. Early on, whenever someone told me “No,” I wondered if I would ever be able to build a team and have thick enough skin to not let it affect me personally.

At the recommendation of my mentor, I started to read personal development and leadership books daily. I noticed the more frequent I read, the less often I had negative thoughts, and when I did, the faster I was able to push them aside. Focusing on the gratitude I had for things in my life currently, also allowed me to attract more things to be grateful for!

Once I met my initial goal of replacing my part-time income and leaving my job, my desire to make this work grew even stronger. I was able to experience how wonderful it was to work from home and I knew I would never be able to go back to the way things were. So I started growing my dream bigger. And that’s when I started to realized this could be life changing for my family.

I realized the key to growing my business was to do a little bit of business activity every day — working not constantly but consistently. I fit my daily activities into the nooks and crannies of my life, which often meant naptime, or once my son was in bed for the night. And even when I didn’t see the result of my diligent work, I kept at it. After a few months, I started to see the rewards growing, and before I knew it, all the little things I was doing were visibly paying off — all culminating 1 year after starting my business, promoting to the Vice President level within the company, and doubling my corporate income while only working half the hours!

Now, just two and a half years after launching my business, I get so excited to think about how my life will be in five years. I love that I have so much more time to spend with my son and husband and that I get to help other people realize that reality too. I have huge plans for what this business will continue to do for my family and those around me, and I love that I will reach my next goal when I help others reach theirs. My goals and reasons for continuing on this non-traditional route are ever changing, but I am constantly inspired by others being brave enough for making big changes too!

Katie GhiottoKatie Ghiotto of Neptune Beach, Florida, is a mom, wife and entrepreneur who recognized opportunity when she sees it.




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