Apps to Download When You’re Looking for Motivation

So many things to do, so little time.

Though there’s a lot of truth to that, there are definitely a number of apps that can help you stay motivated to get everything done. Anything you’re wanting to try – more recycling, less stress and more meditation, less time on the phone, etc. – there’s an app to help you out. Have a look for yourself, and let us know how these help you stay motivated with your goals!

Moment- 6 apps for motivation Moment- 6 apps for motivation


Time is money, and it is precious. Don’t waste it on your phone doing mindless activities. Don’t have the willpower to stop? Try Moment. It will tell you exactly how much time you waste on your phone, and let you set a usage goal (i.e. time limit) for certain apps. After that period, Moment will lock you out of the app or program.

Download from the ITunes store.

Android users can find a similar tool with the app Quality Time.


Headspace- 6 apps for motivation Headspace- 6 apps for motivation


Though initially helpful, it seems that all of these extra motivation programs often end up cluttering your mental space instead of sorting it out. So, to help settle whatever stress or mental chaos you’ve got going on, there’s Headspace. The goal is to dedicate 10 minutes of your day to clear your mind and get focused once again.

Download from ITunes.

Download for Android.

Mint-Headspace- 6 apps for motivation Mint-Headspace- 6 apps for motivation


Most motivation apps consist of notifications for working out or to-do lists, but managing our budget might very well be the thing we need most motivation for! For this, Mint has it covered. To simplify the process, the app allows you to put all of your accounts, cards and investments into one place and monitor everything from there. It tracks every purchase or transaction, and categorizes them accordingly. The app’s features allow you to set up bill reminders, create a personalized budget, and even pay some of your bills through the app. The best thing about it: it gives you an objective look about where you spend the bulk of your money.

Download from ITunes.

Download for Android.

Hitlist-Headspace- 6 apps for motivation Hitlist-Headspace- 6 apps for motivation


If you get your motivation from daydreaming about your next vacation, Hitlist is your perfect app.  Tailor the app by filling in your top travel destinations and your ideal time to go, and let the app do the rest. From that point forward, you’ll receive notifications about when airline prices are down and which hotels are having the best deals. Make your daydream a reality!

Download from ITunes.

Hitlist isn’t available for Android users, but Skyscanner is another great tool to find customized travel deals.

Download Skyscanner for Android.

duolingo- 6 apps for motivation duolingo- 6 apps for motivation


Chances are you are out of school and well into your career. You’ve always wanted to pick up another language, but where is the time and more importantly, where is the money? Rosetta Stone and language classes are not inexpensive. That’s where Duolingo comes in. It’s the perfect tool for those on the go trying to make incremental progress in language learning. The app offers 13 languages — all of the Romance, some Scandinavian, and a few other less-spoken languages. It’s super accessible and will make the learning process much more engaging.

Download for ITunes.

Download for Android.


Irecycle- 6 apps for motivation Irecycle- 6 apps for motivation


It’s common to hear people say that they don’t recycle because they “literally have no idea” what is recyclable or where it should go. Well, now there’s iRecycle to take away any and all of the confusion. Based on your location and item, it gives your information about how it should be disposed of, and for some items, where the closest drop-off location is.

Download from ITunes.

Download for Android.

5 Real Reasons to Use Your Vacation Days

5 Real Benefits of Using Your Vacation Time

Vacation isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity if you want to perform your best while on the job. Taking time away from work isn’t just for your personal benefit, either. By using your allotted vacation time, the company you work for can also profit.

Here are five reasons your vacation is good for both you and your employer:

1. You’ll Avoid Being a Liability for Your Company

Employees not taking their vacation is a widespread problem across the U.S.

This can result in a very big issue for employers, too. The problem arises when workers roll over their unused paid time off, year after year. That means if and when these employees do take this accrued time, there is a giant hole in the company’s workforce for an extended period.

This is a huge liability for any business. An economics analysis consultancy, Oxford Economics reported that U.S. companies had accumulated employee vacation time that equaled $224 billion.

No one wants to cost their employer money — take your vacation and you won’t put your boss in this very precarious position.

2. You’ll Do Good for Your Health

Working day-in and day-out for months on end doesn’t allow your body and mind to get the rest it requires. Vacation, however, can provide a mental and physical break from the normal routine and break the cycle of stress that work can create.

Your body will respond, too. By taking time away from work, you’ll actually decrease your chance of a heart attack. Men who take vacations on a consistent basis are 32% less likely to die of a heart attack. Women who take regular time away from work are 50% less likely to have a heart attack at all.

3. You’ll Strengthen Your Personal Relationships

Stepping away from daily routine and commitments allow couples and families to reconnect —  away from distractions. In addition to that, new connections are often made within the family unit.

A Disney Time Survey, run by Kelton Research, found that quality family time increased during vacations. Not only that, but the study also showed that the younger and older generations were more likely to find out something new about each other than they if they were simply back at home.

So get away and get to know your loved ones even better!

4. You’ll Improve Your Skills

The abilities and skills you learn and hone while on the job can improve with downtime.

A study done through the University of Southern California shows that rest is anything but idleness. The researchers argue that breaks for relaxation and recreation give the brain time to sort through the information and tasks it has taken on and learned.

What does that mean? During periods of downtime, the brain organizes facts and figures into a clear, concise database and essentially practices new skills so it can then etch that information into the muscle memory. For example, after a good night’s sleep, it’s much easier to remember items like to-do lists or to understand a concept you were struggling with.

Even if your vacation plans involve curling up with a good book and a blanket next to a roaring fire, don’t worry about seeming lazy. Your brain is still being extremely productive.

5. Your Vacation Is Good for the Economy

When you take a vacation, you spend money. You’ll need to spend your hard-earned cash on required vacation items like transportation, various accommodations and food. You may also wind up finding some fun souvenirs to remember your trip.

But did you know that when you pay for your hotel room or find that fantastic, touristy t-shirt, you’re stimulating the economy?

According to the U.S. Travel Association, travel and tourism makes up 2.7% of the U.S.’s GDP. While that may not seem like a big number, when you factor in the other details, that’s adds up to a lot of money getting inputting into the economy.

Spending money while you’re on vacation also creates the need for establishments like hotels, retail locations and even transportation. This translates to more jobs, and when more people have jobs, it’s a win-win for everyone.

It Really Is Beneficial to Get Away!

Many people don’t feel a vacation is a luxury they can afford, but research shows there are real benefits to time away from the workplace. If you have allotted vacation time, take it.

It will do your work, relationships and health some good. It will even benefit your employer —and who can argue with that? So go ahead. Take that vacation! 

Savannah Hemmings, She is Fierce! Contributor

Savannah Hemmings

Savannah Hemmings is a lifestyle blogger and personal stylist. She has a passion for equal wages, guacamole and chickory coffee from New Orleans. When she isn’t writing about her favorite design trends, you can most likely find her training for her latest marathon.

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 Three Powerful Ways to Intuitively Preserve Your Peace

“Dedicated to all my highly gifted survivors who were told, we were too sensitive & now we are leading the way to heal the world” Latoya Beverly

Within each phase in the spiritual awakening process, we become one step closer to a goal or keeping our eye on the prize, but sometimes do not realize the pain, damage or dis-ease that comes with the stress society puts on us. Somehow we move through, the best way we know how, by establishing what is on the outside, but never addressing our true needs are on the inside.

We need to bring our awareness into a deeper level, in order to truly take steps to honor our higher selves. Without ego taking control and continue to release the old and walk with power into the new golden age.

The question becomes how we practice peace at the root, within the shifts that are increasing so quickly and staying grounded enough to be present within the sacred moments?

How do we acknowledge the balance of our sacred masculine and feminine energy, to longer serve us?

Each day, is a new purpose or plan, sometimes we are in flight or fight mode just surviving, whereas other days we are excited to be feeling like we are walking on the moon.

How can we take the sweet essence of each moment into the next and live in the biggest ecstasy within ourselves and finding beauty, comfort and hope within, rather than just seeking what is on the outside?

I believe that with powerful perseverance, we can enjoy this beautiful journey into our advancement and bring us closer and closer to our self-mastery.  

But how do we preserve the essence of our ecstasy? How do we preserve our mind and spirit, so we can mindfully & boldly move forward?

We are constantly going, going and going, but is the tranquility we are seeking, so we can maintain over longer periods of time. Where do we come to intuitively balance out sacred peace?

I share with you, the conscious state of the powerful 3 ways to preserve your peace, without ever expiring or jeopardizing your serenity.

1. Know your rights

We as a country have gone haywire, because half of society suffers in silence, because we don’t acknowledge or know our own rights. We have the right as individuals to speak our truth, to self-care, self-love and well-fare. How are we defining moments of finding our personal value? It is by defining moments of finding the courage to speak up & be authentic to our self, that we can practice kindness, forgiveness, generosity and compassion. Know your rights when you are awakening to the changes of the world & letting others know, that your happiness comes first.  Otherwise how do we seek full-fillment in our spirit, mind and body? We intuitively know our rights and what resonates with our spirit. Our intentions that we set every day, are our rights. 

2. Ask for Guidance

Asking the divine/universe or your spiritual team for guidance in directing your steps, helps you to set clear daily intentions. If you do not know your own rights or are not claiming your power back, then you are confused & cannot move forward.  You end up becoming stuck asking the wrong questions, like “WHY ME”, “WHY DID THIS HAPPEN”…

First of all, besides confusing yourself, you are confusing the universe. Not everything is happening to punish you, it’s happening for you to learn at a deeper level.  So let’s be gentle on our “Ask” and direct your question to your higher-self or to your spirit guides, so they can give you the answers & signs you seek. Stop beating up on yourself and go within through meditation and allow for sacred time. When you can apply mindfulness, by acknowledging your sacred time, you can slow yourself down, and again take clear next steps.  The divine will give us signs, when we take time to go into nature & we stop to truly honor ourselves. Honoring yourself, can mean just asking clear questions to the answers you seek. This will help to ignite the fire and preserve the fire because you are intuitively in the flow of peace, rather than fighting against the universe.

3. To Thine Own Self Be True

If you seek, you shall find. We often ignore the desires of our hearts when we are on our journey. And although everyone’s journey is their own, one thing that should be consistent, is the bliss you feel in your soul. Once you can connect your heart to the truth your soul is asking, then inner wisdom can align with your spiritual ambition. This is where the transformation begins and ends. When your authentic truth is in alignment with your life, then balance comes. Being true to yourself as well as those around you, is living in your divine purpose and being in your peace. Your soul will start to broadcast between both heaven and earth. This is the serenity that helps you manifest the power of “TRUE PEACE.”

If you do not go after what brings you peace in mind, body and spirit, I would start asking, what is it that brings your soul bliss? Be unapologetic and go do what your passionate about.

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance…. Unless you have a lot of passion about this, you’re not going to survive. You’re going to give it up. So you’ve got to have an idea or a problem or a wrong that you want to right that you’re passionate about; otherwise, you’re not going to have the perseverance to stick it through.” Steve Jobs



Latoya Beverly is an  International healer, seeker of truth, love and peace. She works with all walks of life, on relationships,  health and wellness and personal development. She leads those who want advancement of using the power of intuition & mindfulness together, collecting what she calls the  Intuitive Minds Tribe.  Latoya Beverly, is the founder of Integrative Mindfulness Healing, LLC. Latoya is  a woman of many gifts, but first & foremost  a spiritual  coach, counselor, and teacher. She has studied under world renowned Spiritual Teachers and Masters, setting out to make a name for herself & helping others one soul at a time.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Six Steps to Finally Follow Through With Your To-Do List

How many times have you told yourself “tomorrow”? Or how many times have you pushed something on your to-do list off until later or another day, and then another day, and so on?

… And how many times have you been shocked at your ability to accomplish a task you didn’t think your could? Or complete more tasks in a single day than you ever thought possible?

You see, “If you really want to do something you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” I love this quote by Jim Rohn for so many reasons: 1) if you answered “yes” to either of the first two questions, you can see the truth in it; 2) if you answered “yes” to either of the last two questions you can se the truth in it; and 3) if you answered “Yes” to all four questions, you can see the truth in it! 🙂 Are you starting to see the pattern here? There is so much truth to his quote. You see, wherever you focus your efforts is where you will be able to accomplish (or not accomplish) the most.  If you focus on the pay-off in completing a task, you are more likely to do it, on the flip side, if you focus on the negatives in actually having to do the task, you will find an excuse to get yourself out of doing it. Moral of the story: focus on the pay-off, focus on the reward, and focus on why that thing is on your to-do list in the first place.

So now that you have a little bit of insight into yourself from his quote, how can you use this insight to tackle your daily “to-do’s”?


  • Well first of all, ask yourself what are your goals? To feel less stressed? To get a new car? Get in swimsuit shape for the summer? Whatever they are take a moment to think about the most important ones to your right now, and maybe even jot those down.
  • Next, do you have a to-do list? If you don’t then I suggest you create one right away! How are you supposed to reach your goals if you can’t even keep them straight? For your first to-do list, just put everything that comes to mind on it. I mean everything, from steps to reach your goals; to annoying chores you have been delaying, to absolute necessities like mailing Nana her birthday card before her special day passes.
  • Now that you have your to-do list, it’s time to get organized. Take a look at your list, and ask yourself: “Does this need to get done within the next 24 hours?” Put a check mark next to all of the items you answered “yes” to.
  • Next, you are left with a list of things you need to get done, but not within the next 24 hours, so you will need to set a dead line for each one. Some of these may already have a deadline involved, but some you may need to hold yourself more accountable with. I recommend using your calendar app on your computer or phone since you will typically have your phone with you at all times (TIP: Make sure you calendar on your computer and phone are synced so you have easy access on either device).
  • Once you set a deadline for each of your “to-do’s”, make sure to plug it into your calendar app, and set an alert. These reminders are essential for sticking to your timeline. I suggest setting two alerts, one for the day before its “due” and one for 60-30 minutes before its actually “due”. This way your phone can also act as an accountability to help keep you on track.
  •  “If you really want to do something you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”  No excuses – get it done! When the alerts start to go off on your phone, and you start to come up with the excuses to not follow through, remember what your goals are (getting fit, getting that car, relieving stress, etc.) and remember, if you really want to reach those goals, you will find a way…. and if you start making excuses today, who is going to stop you from making them tomorrow? and the next day? So get it done and don’t let yourself down!


Most of all have fun! Remember, each day to try a little harder than you did yesterday, and in no time at all you will be shocked at what you have accomplished! The most important relationship in life is the one you have with yourself, so do not disappoint!



Rachel_RitlopRachel Ritlop knew she was meant to help others in a big way, which is why she obtained her Master’s Degree in Counselor Education. Rachel quickly excelled in her career as a counselor at a leading dual diagnosis treatment center, however, she quickly realized her dream job, was more of a nightmare. Rachel was afraid to quit and follow her new dream of coaching job seekers and entrepreneurs, so she tried to “suck it up” and kept going to work day in and day out, totally miserable. Until the universe stepped in and did for her what she couldn’t do for herself: she got fired. Twice actually, in under a month. Cause of termination? She was still doing great at her job, her clients loved her, but she brought moral down with her co-workers. Rachel decided it was time to listen to that little voice inside of her, telling her she was meant for more, she was meant to become a solopreneur and empower others find their happiness in their work. Today, Rachel works as a Career and Business Coach, empowering Gen Y to make more money and build their dream careers. Rachel works nationally via Skype.

Who Are You Comparing Yourself To?

A few weeks back, my boyfriend and I were out for a run. It was a beautiful sunny winter day and I was feeling pumped and ready to run.

But unlike the standard etiquette for a ‘couple jog’, he ran in one direction and I ran in another.

I like running alone you see, and there’s a major reason why.

When I’m on my own I’ll speed off, build a steady pace, push myself to go faster, take in the surroundings, let my mind wander, think up new ideas, let my creative juices flow, and I’m usually far too busy thinking, that I forget I’m even running and my legs just keep going and going. I feel free and inspired and proud of myself for breathing steadily as I plod onwards and forwards at my own sweet pace.

If he ever catches up though, and especially when he overtakes, this weird thing happens – I start to slow down, my mind starts telling me I can’t go faster, my legs get heavier, my confidence dips, and my lovely thoughts start to shrink into thoughts that say ‘you might as well give up because you can’t go that fast.’

Which really, when you think about, is a pretty good reflection on life.

See, when we focus on where we’re at, our own pace, our own creativity, our own pains or passions, our own pump to go faster or our own pride in plodding along steadily, our own plans or dreams, our own goals and unique ways to reach them – that’s when we do the greatest things, when our confidence is highest and when we achieve the most.

But it’s when we start to make comparisons with others and turn our achievements into a competition that the self-doubt creeps in. In our hyper-connected social media obsessed world, our constant assumption that we ‘should’ be doing something the same way and at the same speed as someone else is what shrinks our ability to keep moving forward.

Quite simply, when we measure our success based on someone else’s pace in their own journey, we trip up – which let’s face it, we’re bound to, because we’re on completely different paths.

Tweetable: ’Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.’

Comparison cripples, well, everything, and whilst it’s something we habitually do as we scroll through our Facebook News Feed and indulge in what everyone else is up to in their lives, it’s not something we have to let affect us.

Whether it’s deciding not to go forward for an interview because we’ve been comparing ourselves with another candidate, not feeling as though we can run with a business idea because someone else is already doing it, slowing down because we believe we can’t go as fast as the person running past us – making comparisons is simply holding us back from being sh*t hot at us!

Let’s focus on our own achievements, our own successes and our own pace, because that’s when the magic happens, where the power kicks in and where we keep moving forward (maybe not at the fastest speed, but definitely the bestest, if we do it our own way.)

Ask yourself: who are you comparing yourself to and how might that actually be hindering your success? And then imagine what you could achieve if you focused that competitive energy into simply being better at ‘you’.


Sophie French

Sophie French

Sophie French is a Lifestyle Coach, Copywriter & Life Enthusiast. She supports twenty-something women who are feeling lost and unfulfilled, to discover and reach their true desires.
Swapping corporate life for flip flops and freedom, Sophie spent a year travelling the world. In embarking on this liberating journey of self-discovery and taking back control on life, Sophie was able to heal her own anxiety issues and now helps other young women to take control of how their story goes, too.
Sophie writes about her adventures and discoveries, as well as inspiration for a life full of love (and some giggles too) over on her blog:

What Would I Regret Not Doing In My Lifetime?

For 23 years I had been a successful Vancouver based attorney, but that all changed three years ago when I found myself barely able to get out of bed in the morning. Doctors ran tests and were puzzled, concluding that I had some sort of virus, short hand for, “we have no idea.” What was clear, as someone who was an endurance runner, running several half and full marathons, I was now stopped dead in my tracks. I decided I had to change my life and so I walked away from my six-figure salary in order to regain my health and forge a new career. I became an entrepreneur focused on helping others live a life of no regrets. Starting my own business, The Peloton Group Coaching Inc., changed my life forever.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be pressing the reset button on my life at the age of 50, but that’s what I did. I now help other people find their own reset buttons. As a Whole Person Certified Coach, who understands the work/life challenges that many face, I learned the tools that enable people to bring their work and their life outside of work into harmony. My business has flourished in helping people learn how to overcome obstacles, negative self-talk and re-shape their limiting beliefs. In helping clients stretch past their limits, together we lay the foundation for achieving their goals.

In stretching myself, I recently became a new author, launching my first book, The Eighty-Year Rule, a guidebook for anyone wanting to create a new life from where they are today. The Eighty-Year Rule is based on the premise that on looking back on your life from the vantage of 80 years old, and having achieved a satisfying and well-lived life, you know you’ve lived a life of few or no regrets. In telling my own story, I hope to encourage others to be the hero of their own story.


My 6 tips on how to live the Eighty-Year Rule:


1. Take stock, what would you regret not doing in your lifetime?


2. Start where you are by writing down the goal you would like to accomplish.


3. Ask, what is the one thing I can do to accomplish my goal?


4. Put together a step-by-step action plan knowing what’s important to you.


5. Take that first step toward accomplishing your goal.


6. Identify if you’re encountering any obstacles and look to re-vamp your plan to get you over any speed bumps, move forward and believe in yourself.


After moving into a new life as a successful entrepreneur, and having faced the ups and downs, I can say that following your goals and dreams and living boldly is the best way to live a life of no regrets. Becoming an entrepreneur, as I did at the age of 50, I am happy to say, I am living the dream!



Claire YeungLife coach, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, and author, Claire Yeung knows a thing or two about life’s challenges, achieving her dreams, and living a holistic, harmonious life. A health crisis in 2012 made Claire realize that practicing law was not her life’s purpose. At the age of 50, she walked away from her 23-year career as a lawyer to become a life coach. Claire draws upon her experience as a lawyer and an endurance athlete to help her clients to overcome obstacles, negative self-talk, and self-limiting beliefs so that they can achieve their most brilliant selves and live their fullest, boldest, richest lives. Claire’s recently published book, The Eighty-Year Rule poses the question, ”What would you regret not doing in your lifetime?” and then provides readers with the tools they need to transform their lives.

Claire holds an Associate Certified Coach designation (International Coach Federation), a Whole Person Certified Coach designation (Coach Training World), a Juris Doctor (University of British Columbia), and a Bachelor of Commerce (University of British Columbia). In additional to running her own coaching business, The Peloton Group Coaching Inc., Claire is a sessional instructor in the Bachelor of Law Enforcement Studies program at the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

When not coaching or teaching, Claire can be found running, cycling, kayaking or enjoying a glass of wine in North Vancouver, BC.

To find Claire online: | Facebook|Email:

Twitter: @clairemyeung | Hashtag: #80YearRule | Video





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