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I tell people all the time, “Listen to your body”!

Headaches, bloating, dry skin, bad breath and breakouts are all indicators of something being off balance in your body. Learning to listen to your body and see the signs of being unbalanced is a great skill to be in tune with. Today, I want to talk about what your skin and breakouts are telling you about your body. Blemishes can be related to nutrition, hormones, genetics or environmental factors. Using skin mapping on your face can help to read those blemishes and find out what factors are influencing your health. Where do you typically breakout?


Breakouts on your forehead may be a sign of liver or gallbladder imbalance. Give your body a break from rich food, alcoholic beverages and drinks lots of water!

Between the Eyebrows

Poor digestion and a toxic build up in your stomach and liver could be the reason for these breakouts. An elimination diet might help you narrow down what is upsetting your stomach or you could also do a light cleanse to eliminate those nasty toxins.

Temples & Brow Line

This area is linked to your kidneys. If you experience breakouts here it could be an indication of dehydration and overworked kidneys. Low back pain might also be an indicator for kidney issues. Add more water into your daily routine and add superfoods like kale, spinach and berries.

Under the Eyes

Puffiness and/or dark circles under your eyes might be a sign of problems with your stomach, kidneys and liver. Try removing alcohol, caffeine and sugar from your diet to eliminate issues in this area.


Cheeks are linked to your stomach and lungs. If you have reoccurring blemishes on your cheeks you may have wheat or dairy sensitivities.

Nose & Mouth Area

Clean up your diet and add some cleansing vegetable juice because breakouts on your nose are linked to your liver and stomach. Similar to breakouts between the eyebrows, having food sensitivities and toxic buildups might be the cause.


Breakouts on your jawline are commonly connected to hormonal stress, especially in women. Including lean protein, fruits, veggies, whole grains and healthy fats can assist in balancing your hormones.

Healthy skin always comes back to balancing your health, improving your immunity and discovering food sensitivities. I always recommend listening to your body and skin mapping is a great way to do that. Give skin mapping a try, it might surprise you how accurate it can be!



Emily Beatty - She Is Fierce! Contributor

Emily Beatty has a passion for holistic living and healthy cooking. While healing her own health issues, Emily discovered a way of living that left her 20 pounds lighter, full of energy and migraine free. She now runs a successful healthy living blog and is currently working towards becoming a certified Holistic Health Coach.

You can read about Emily’s journey to good health and get access to tons of resources to improve your own health at http://www.tryingtobealady.weebly.com or find her on Twitter, Facebook andInstagram!


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Fixes for 4 Common Health Issues in Moms



Energetic Mama- SheIsFierceHQ.com

Many women don’t realize that niggling health symptoms (you know those ones we just have to put up with because we are women) such as headaches, P.M.S., bloating, constipation fatigue, period problems, weight gain, mood swings and anxiety are all signs that your body is unbalanced, predominately due to what you are putting into your mouth.

I know from my experience working with hundreds of mums in my naturopathic clinic that these symptoms can disappear simply by changing what you eat! I would like to walk you through 4 of the most common health issues I see in mums that can be fixed with food!



I was shocked to hear from a client recently that her specialist had told her that her digestive discomfort and bloating had nothing to do with what she was eating! I mean how could your digestive system NOT be affected by the food you eat. To me it’s a no brainer! Bloating can be caused by different foods for different people. It is a common symptom of food intolerance or it can be a sign that the digestive processes are inefficient, often due to an imbalance in good and bad bacteria in the gut.

My advice

Gluten and dairy are common causes of bloating so following a paleo diet (which eliminates all gluten and dairy) is helpful for many people. Eating foods high in beneficial bacteria such as coconut yoghurt and fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut can help too.


  1. PMS

Premenstrual symptoms can be physical – breast tenderness, acne, sugar cravings and fluid retention, or emotional – tension, irritability, mood swings and depression. All of these symptoms are caused by changes in a woman’s hormones, which become worse when we are oestrogen dominant. Oestrogen dominance is a hormonal imbalance where our oestrogen levels are too high in relation to our progesterone levels.

My advice

Every article I write features the S word and this one is no exception. Sugar! Sugar encourages oestrogen production within our bodies which exacerbates P.M.S. Avoiding sugar is harder than it sounds as it is in almost everything found on the supermarket shelves. Eating more ‘Real Food’ straight from plants and animals as close to its natural state as possible is one of the best ways to avoid sugar in your diet. Make your own sweet treats such as bliss balls or paleo muffins so you can use healthier sugar alternatives. Also remember that starchy carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, rice and cereals break down to sugar in the body too.


If we start to think of our bodies as a machine (the most important machine we will ever own) and food as our fuel we can begin to see where we go wrong with the food we eat. Filling our bodies with cheap, processed, packaged food is never going to allow our bodies to function well. Our energy levels are affected by many organs and systems of our bodies – our mitochondria within all of our cells, our thyroid and adrenal glands, our liver and digestive systems. All of these organs and systems of our bodies rely on nutrients from the foods we eat to do their jobs.

My advice

Much of the western food we eat these days is nutrient poor and calorie rich which leads to fatigue and weight problems. Think of every mouthful as a source of nutrients to fuel your body. Eat more foods that are nutrient rich such as salads, vegetables, eggs, nuts, fish and meat. Superfoods are great sources of nutrition as well, think chia seeds, coconut oil, goji berries, cacao powder and leafy greens – sounds like a great recipe for a green smoothie to me!


There are many causes of headaches but often a change in diet can really help. Some of the most common causes of headaches are dehydration, hormonal imbalance, stress, nutrient deficiencies and muscle tension. When we are under stress our bodies require more of the mineral magnesium. Our bodies also excrete more magnesium when we are under stress leading to a magnesium deficiency which can have an impact on our hormonal imbalance and cause muscle tension.

My advice

Magnesium is one of the first things to try if you are experiencing headaches. Magnesium can be found in foods – leafy greens, quinoa, brown rice, nuts, seeds and cacao powder. However in Australia our soils are depleted in magnesium so our foods are lacking it too. Magnesium supplementation (preferably powder form) is the best way to have adequate magnesium levels.

Blood sugar balance is an important consideration in headaches too To keep your blood sugar levels stable eat small meals every 3-4 hours, avoid sugars and refined carbohydrates found in cakes, biscuits, white bread, rice & pasta, most crackers, soft drinks and sweets. Eat protein with every meal in the form of fish, eggs, chicken, lean red meat, nuts and seeds. If you crave sugar or starchy foods, feel shaky, agitated, or dizzy when hungry you may have a problem with blood sugar balance.

As you can see many of the health issues we experience as women have simple fixes that can be found in the food we eat or don’t eat. Focus on getting the good stuff in and there will be less room for the foods that aren’t doing your body any good!

She Is Fierce! is a proud affiliate of Jessica Donovan’s Delicious Wellbeing e-course!

If you’re interested in joining Jessica’s upcoming e-course for moms, check out her website deliciouswellbeing.com!




Jessica Donovan, She Is Fierce! Contributor


Jessica Donovan is a woman’s holistic health expert who helps mums get their sparkle back and become a more energetic, calm and joyful version of themselves. She is a one stop shop for all things nutrition, stress and hormone related. Jessica combines her deep naturopathic knowledge with a realistic, empathetic, inspiring and down to earth approach to empower women to look after themselves and take charge of their own wellbeing.

Jessica has created a brand new ecourse for mums called Delicious Wellbeing and is all bout nourishing yourself to vitality through real food. You can find out more here www.deliciouswellbeing.com


Lessons from My First 6 Months as an Entrepreneur (Who Happens to be Female)


Lessons Learned in My First 6 Months as an Entrepreneur - SheIsFierceHQ.com

Author Laura Woodroof on stage with a panel of women at a ConsultantLounge event


People are always very intrigued to know what I think about the difficulties women face as entrepreneurs.

There are a number of common themes you will hear people talk about on this topic, such as how much harder it is for women to secure funding (Women founders accounted for 112 out of 672 NYC startup financings) or how difficult it is often being the only woman in the room, and how women typically are less inclined to ask for more (from advisors, peers, investors etc.).

However, I sometimes feel that we (Women) focus on this so much that we get caught up proving how difficult it is to be a female entrepreneur/founder/CEO and lose sight of other more important things. While I certainly don’t think we should ignore the disparities that exist, my top 3 learnings (there are MANY more) from my first 6 months as an entrepreneur are focused on just being an entrepreneur, minus the female factor.


Just do it! Your biggest risk is inaction.

You will never be 100% sure whether or not you will be successful, but you can be 100% sure that you will NOT be successful if you don’t just get started and do something.

Don’t be reckless, but if you are waiting for exactly the right time and for everything to be in place, with all the right resources and perfect product/app/service before you start…you will never start. I believe you should always start before you feel ‘ready’, because you will never actually be completely ready.


Lessons I Learned in My First 6 Months as an Entrepreneur - SheIsFierceHQ.com


At times, it WILL be soul-crushing.

Us humans are emotional beings, and we get emotionally invested in what we are building, it’s ours, and we feel that it represents part of us. Unfortunately failure in one way or another will happen, its how we learn and improve. Whether it’s an email from a seriously unhappy customer, rejection from a potential employee, a big ‘no’ from an investor, a partner who isn’t interested…it will happen, and you may regret putting yourself out there. The key is to take a minute to feel sorry for yourself, (if you must) realize what the learning from the situation is, and keep moving. Done.


We are as successful as the hours we put in

Yes, it’s great to be able to arrange my life around my work when I need to, there are very real benefits to this, but all in, I work much more than I did before, and I love it.

You put everything you have into making your start up work. It consumes you most of the time mentally and physically. I realized very quickly that the amount of work I do and my actions directly correlate with how well my startup is doing, and that can be exhausting. There is no finance, marketing, admin person to get stuff done, the buck starts and stops with me.


I’m looking forward to the next 6 months and what I’m sure will be an even longer list of lessons learned!

Here’s a sneak peek at Laura’s newest project:

Lessons I Learned in My First 6 Months as an Entrepreneur - SheIsFierceHQ.com


Laura Woodroof, She Is Fierce! Contributor

Laura Woodroof is a New York City based Entrepreneur and one of the founders of TheConsultantLounge.com, a trusted career site for consultants dedicated to providing consulting professional community with everything they need to find and be successful in their career. Prior to launching TheConsultantLounge, Laura a Management Consultant for 10+ years and worked on projects across numerous industries and with a number of fortune 500 companies.

You can connect with Laura via Twitter or by email at lauraw@theconsultantlounge.com

Can You Brand Yourself?

Personal Branding

Maybe you believe you can brand yourself, maybe you don’t.  Maybe you don’t even know how to define a brand.  Do I mean branding livestock or do I mean a brand like Zappos?

The word brand began simply as a way to tell one person’s cattle from another by means of a hot iron stamp. Then brand became the identity of a specific product, service or business.  The word brand has continued to evolve to encompass identity – i.e. the personality of a person or a company behind the product or service.

A brand can be a business, state employee, retiree, stay at home mom, etc.

A brand can take many forms, including a name, sign, symbol, color combination, tagline, signature outfit, signature style, etc.

Now that you are understanding what a brand is, let’s go over the three key steps to branding yourself.  The first step is figuring out the essence of who you are.  The second step is realizing what you do best.  The third step is communicating your unique brand.

Step 1 — Who are you?

This is the core essence of your brand – i.e. what makes you, YOU?

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

What do you stand for?

This is your whole personality, the whole enchilada.  This is where being authentic comes into play.  Just simply be yourself.  If you are trying to be what others think you should be or how others think you should appear…it WON’T work.

Step 2 – What do you do best?

This is what makes your product or level of service get noticed.  This is your P.O.D. (Point Of Differentiation).  It is the combination of your experiences, talents, knowledge, lessons learned all translated into results.  It is your uniqueness.

Step 3 – How do you communicate who you are and what you do best?

Communicating your brand can be accomplished in an unlimited amount of ways, which brings up three very important points to communicate your brand successfully:

  • You must know who you are and what you do best, inside and out.
  • You must be comfortable in the communication venue, whether that be networking, email, phone calls or something bigger like a trade show. At a trade show, communication and presentation come hand in hand; you can’t have a good presentation without good communication, while good communication counts for nothing if your presentation is not up to scratch. A good way to ensure good presentation at a trade show is through a good trade show display, which can make your brand stand out from the rest. If you are looking for a quality and reliable trade show display, you may want to check out a site like Exponents Houston trade show booth rental for more information
  • You must never forget that you are always communicating your brand. (Even non-communication is communicating)

At a 2010 Power up!® Seminar in Phoenix, Bronston Jones, a  6’7” comedian shared his story about living his brand every day:  “Life’s Short, I’m Not.”  When he starts and finishes his comedy or seminar routine, he states: “Life’s Short, I’m Not.” During his routine, he continuously reinforces his brand by going beneath the surface to show the essence of his brand, which is: Don’t put limits on yourself, think BIG.  Don’t get caught up in have to’s, should of’s and could of’s.  His style of living, believing and talking continually communicate his brand.  (Obviously, if he was 4’3” this “Life’s Short, I’m Not” bit wouldn’t work very well!)

Now that you understand what a brand is and the 3 steps to branding yourself you have what you need to get started branding yourself!


Kathy Bass, She Is Fierce! Contributor

Kathy Bass, The Branding Lady®, is an entrepreneur, lifelong learner and Brand Identity Strategist who founded http://www.LadiesWhoBrand.com in 2010.

She loves to help other solopreneurs Power up!® by discovering, creating and communicating their unique brand value with simplified, understandable and actionable branding information. Her motto is: Start small, think BIG and always enjoy the journey!

Kathy is a skier, foodie, traveler, observer, author, speaker and VoiceAmerica™ radio host on the Business Channel who holds Marketing, Psychology and Graphic Design degrees. Everything she speaks about is from real, live, hands-on experience and experimentation as she strongly believes we must all lead by example and help each other by sharing personal expertise and experiences that can elevate others to their next level of success.

Meet Kathy here… http://www.LadiesWhoBrand.com or on TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn

Following the Road Less Travelled

Road Less Travelled


Going into business for myself is something that has always been of interest to me, this concept became even more appealing whilst on maternity leave with my first daughter.  I wrote my first business plan, I researched the market but I stopped there.  I never pursued it and instead went back to the corporate world after 12 months on maternity leave. Prior to my return I successfully negotiated a level of flexibility working 4 days a week with an increase in salary – I was content.  Looking back now, it wasn’t my time and the pain hadn’t been great enough to create change.

It wasn’t until returning from my second maternity leave to a complete change in senior management that I began to truly feel pain. I experienced how soul destroying one person’s actions can be, I worked under someone who manipulated and intimidated and as a result I lost self-confidence, I hit rock bottom. [pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]I walked away from a 6-figure salary and I put trust in my ability to turn something negative into a positive[/pullquote]Through the support of my husband and my own determination and a desire to show my children never to settle for less and always strive to be the best you can be; a light was lit inside me, a desire to be in control of my own destiny, to have complete freedom and flexibility.  I walked away from a 6-figure salary and I put trust in my ability to turn something negative into a positive that not only helped myself but helped other women who had similar experiences as me.

It is not whether you fall down, because it happens, but rather whether you get back up to your feet…and who is there to support you as you stand.  Your ability to bounce back, to back yourself and prove your worth is a true test of your character.  It requires mental toughness and a positive mindset.  Your strength of character also comes from the people who surround you, who support your vision, who believe in you…surround yourself with people who challenge you in good ways.

Change can be unsettling, it can unnerve you and make you feel self conscious but change brings with it new experiences, it opens doors to other opportunities and if you truly embrace change it can invigorate you, provide you with a new lease on life and give you a direction and a purpose you didn’t have before.[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Learn from those experiences and use them to make you stronger, to make you more resilient – to live more boldly with greater purpose and greater passion.[/pullquote]  Learn from those experiences and use them to make you stronger, to make you more resilient – to live more boldly with greater purpose and greater passion.

I learned that habits can be restrictive, can be suffocating and can hold us back. I let go, I took a leap of faith, I put trust in my ability and I realised I wasn’t prepared to accept someone else controlling what direction I went in, I wasn’t prepared to accept someone else dictating what sort of person I became.  It isn’t always the easiest route to follow but it is the most rewarding and the most satisfying.  It doesn’t happen by being lucky, it happens by being willing to work hard and work smart.  It’s about finding your passion and finding your purpose. It’s about having a dream, getting started and never stopping.

My company, Meme & Co stands for all the values that are important to me.  It stands for freedom, flexibility, and family, embracing life, having fun and enjoying the journey.  We have partnered with talented New Zealand designers so that we stand for quality and we have partnered with other like-minded women to provide a community of support. We are all about taking a leap of faith, being empowered and being inspired.



Susan Stevens, She Is Fierce! ContributorSusan Stevens is the founder of New Zealand-based Meme & Co, a jewelry and accessories company with an innovative, woman-centered business model. She has over 18 years experience in sales, marketing and advertising, she climbed the corporate ladder and was committed to her career but her priorities changed when she had her children. Life became a struggle, trying to find a balance between wanting to retain her worth and independence in the workforce without compromising her ability to be a present and attentive mother.

Then, Susan made a terrifying leap – leaving a six figure income to no job and a big mortgage. With a very strong resolve never to go back to the corporate world, and through commitment, perseverance and a passion to succeed, she found as one door closed other doors opened. It was this journey that gave her the motivation and the drive to create an opportunity for other women who want to be in control, who value their independence, who want to be empowered. Her drive to keep a balance between work and family life ultimately resulted in `taking a leap’ into the unknown and embarking on a personal journey of self reflection, new challenges and growth.

Meet Susan here… http://www.memeandco.com, and on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram

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2014: The year gender equality stormed the world (or at least the news headlines)

Girl Power, SheIsFierceHQ.com

Was 2104 the year that society became aware of a WIDE gender gap in different areas of the society?

It might well be, as Beyoncé brought the F word to stage in 2014. Malala, a Pakistani girl victim of a horrific attack won the Nobel Prize for peace. Emma Watson, smart Hermione in the Harry Potter film saga, called for a worldwide campaign for more men to support women and launched the He for She campaign.

Before them many women have spoken and acted upon the issue. But 2014 was a key year for the discussion.

Compelling data caught our attention, and we saw and high profile cases of gender gaps in the entertainment industry with the Sony case  and in the mainstream media when the New York Times decided to sack its editor Jill Abramson in the middle of a legal dispute regarding compensation gaps.

Cutting edge industries like the technology sector have shown gender bias and high profile figures such as Sheryl Sandberg raised awareness on the issue.  Since 2013, Sandberg has been telling her story about cruising Google’s parking lot while heavily pregnant. Yes, she had to park mlles from the door and yes, she was big as a whale on her own words.  Late for her meeting with the company’s founders she complained about the lack of parking spaces from pregnant women. The answer: “We did not realize, pregnant women need closer parking spaces.” And thiswas the beginning of Sandberg’s advocacy for more women to speak minds in board rooms and take their place at the table.

Professor Vivek Wadhwa, a well-known and respected academic on issues related to entrepreneurship, realized there were no women on stage at a Venture Capitalists Conference in Silicon Valley. He was perplexed and began researching the issue. His answers can be found in Innovating Women. The book was published last year and one of its key findings: there are women in tech in high profile roles but they are invisible. Dr. Wadhwa took a lot of criticism for raising his voice about gender inequality in the tech world. He is certain that the first step was taken by openly discussing the issue, but he also admitted it: further steps are needed.

It seems surreal that almost four generations after the “women’s revolution,” societies worldwide have not reached gender equality. Data from around the world still show wide disparities in equal pay for equal work, access to education and healthcare, and more.

Getting more women involved in political discussions, in running businesses and in fighting for parity are ways to secure a safer and fairer society for all.



Catalina Valenzuela, She Is Fierce! ContributorCatalina Valenzuela believes that everyone deserves an education.  She is a passionate reader of news, fiction and poetry, a #TechApprentice and a women’s advocate.

Catalina is interested in the social impact of technology in business settings. She blogs at http://www.techcetera.co and tweets @cavalenzu about women’s issues, technology, education and economic development.

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A version of this post also appears here: http://www.womensfundmiami.org




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