The feeling of success is an undeniable one.

To come up with an idea, grow that idea and watch it bloom into success and return revenue as an entrepreneur gives a special sense of self accomplishment that every child should know and hopefully will. However, with the gender gap still a reality, we have to better prepare our pre-teen girls so they can be successful. This is the goal for a company called Bright Girls.

“Among the many gender gap issues there’s a gaping one when it comes to business ownership, with women-owned businesses making 25% of the revenue of their male counterparts.”, says Holly Lichtenfeld, Founder, Author, and Girlpreneur™ of Bright Girls Company, based out of West Palm Beach, Florida. The goal of Bright Girls is to close this gap once and for all.

Entering the scene with a book titled “Your Own Business Can Be Great”, starring two girls, Kylie and Lucy, girlpreneurs who start their own business, Bright Girls aims to make learning about business fun. The book follows them though the making of their own product. The book covers every part of running a business: brainstorming, testing your idea, networking, marketing, and profits/costs just to name a few. With a target audience of girls 8-12, it is interactive to help the  girl readers become part of the process! Readers are given quizzes and fun activities throughout to stay engaged.

This tool to get young girls thinking about every facet of a business at an early age will allow them the freedom they need to think about what they can create and change to help the world be a better place. The possibilities are endless.

Bright Girls Company has an active Kickstarter campaign in its final days, with a goal of $8,000 to bring this important book to the marketplace. Supporters of the campaign will get the product the girls make in the book to bring the whole experience to life.

Holly recognizes, “Having an entrepreneurial spirit at an early age helped me to be successful as I grew up whether it was at multinational companies or startups. I want to share this excitement and self-empowerment with girls.” She works alongside her 10-year-old daughter, Kira, who serves as Editor and Advisor for Bright Girls Company.  A girlpreneur™ in her own right, Kira gives valuable feedback from her point of view.

Holly says, “I’ve made entrepreneurialism fun for girls with really wonderful characters and illustrations. I cover topics like brainstorming, networking, testing an idea, marketing etc. I believe that whether she grows up to be a scientist, chef, coder, doctor, artist, designer, engineer, or whatever she dreams up, understanding business will help her to be successful and change her world.”

Support this fantastic book and mission at brightgirlscompany.com!







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