A Passion for Politics


Meet Beth Silvers and Sarah Stewart Holland of Pantsuit Politics. Beth and Sarah are good friends with different views who’ve taken a more nuanced approach to the way they talk politics. They listen to each other and share their perspectives respectfully in a podcast that puts “relationships before policy and understanding before argument.”

Sarah worked on Capitol Hill before moving back to her hometown of Paducah, KY, where she now serves on the Paducah City Commission. Beth got her start as an attorney and human resources executive at a prestigious law firm. She now runs a life and business coaching practice. Beth and Sarah share their story of how they started as friends and later colleagues based on their mutual passion of nuance politics and how they’re able to make things happen in that arena.


Here are some great tidbits from the Podcast…


  • Beth and Sarah are committed to providing an authentic perspective based on “the way they talk about politics” and they and their listeners are committed to authenticity. (4:50-5:25)
  • Their values are not waviering, and “would rather lose for what they are than lose for what they (aren’t).” (10:03-10:38)
  • What these women are doing is being unapologetically different in a male dominated industry and it turns out they are being respected for it. (15:30-16:08)
  • The passion is of being a Politian is a prided position for these ladies, they talk about the civic life “it is a proud tradition and will work as hard as they can for their city or state.” (28:10-29:13)
  • Beth and Sarah’s own podcast is based on mutual respect in their differences and above all they “prioritize their relationship” and don’t always feel the need to have their point be validated, rather its a respectful and refreshing discussion of views.
  • These ladies hold such a classy stance on perspective and when they feel baited in their point of view from a listener or on a social media platform, they remember not to be contentious. (41:20-42:18)




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