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So, you’ve lined up the interview for a job you’d really love to land!  Great news!  Once you’ve been called in for the interview, you know they already think you’re qualified.

Now, it’s up to you to ensure you’re ready to stand out from the rest of the applicants by showing off your glowing personality, your impressive work experience, and your ability to bring a fresh perspective to the role!

Here are eight important interview prep questions to ask yourself before walking through the door.  Answer these, and you can be sure you’ll present yourself confidently and your future boss will see your potential!


  1. Do you really want this job and can you explain why you want it?
  2. Do you know your skills and what sets you apart?
  3. Can you explain why you are a good fit for this job?  How do your skills and experience fit the requirements?
  4. Have you done your homework? Know about the company culture and the job requirements
  5. How does this job fit your long and short-range goals?
  6. Have you practiced answering questions and showing positive non-verbal’s with someone and gotten feedback?
  7. Make sure your dress and appearance and behaviors are professional and fit the company and job you are interviewing for.
  8. Are you confident in how you speak and act?


And don’t forget one of the most important steps to landing the job… Get feedback afterwards and send thank you email!

Remember… this is one job and not your whole life – if you get the job, work hard and do the best you can, and update your resume now so you can be prepared for the next interview!




barb171Barbara Williamson, Ph.D. is a Professional Certified Coach with over 25 years of experience working with 60+ organizations and leaders internationally, including Xerox, FPL, Rayonier and Porsche Audi. She has a PhD in Management and Career Development and has designed leadership development programs, coaching, career development, work-life balance and more.


Email Barbara here… barbara@foru2b.com




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