5 Productive Tips To Beat the Afternoon Crash


Beating an afternoon crash can sometimes be tough.  We have all been there… You look at the clock and realize it’s only 1 pm.  Then 2:30 pm rolls around and the day starts to hit you. You start to really drag, you wonder; will this day ever end? Where is my coffee or caffeinated beverage? Is there a Starbucks nearby, I have got to wake up!

You feel like your day is just slowing going along. When coffee isn’t cutting it, turn to these five tricks:


Take a break.

Go for a short walk and re-focus your mind.


Lower the temp.

Heat makes your sleepy! Working in a cool environment is really helpful, it doesn’t have to be a meat locker but lowering the temperature in your office or home will help make you more productive.


Write down your worries.

If you are stressed out or worried about something, write it down and circle back to it.  There are so many things going on in our daily lives that could be taking up space in your mind, so I like to write down what I need to do or who I need to e-mail and circle back to it when the day is over. While I would love to believe that we get all 24 hours in a day, we just don’t. There are only about 10 working hours in a day, use them wisely.


Turn up the jams.

There is nothing better than listening to music while you work or even taking a break and turning up the jams.  Listening to music is so relaxing and fun! Sometimes my best ideas come to me while I am listening to a song.


Make a to-do list.

This is something to do the night before or in the morning. I LOVE to-do lists. I always write them down on paper.  Having the actual list in my hand really helps ensure that I do what is on the list and stop at the store and get what is needed.  Figure out what needs to be done today, and what can wait till tomorrow or later in the week.


If you take away one piece of advice from this article it’s this… Don’t let the day run you.  Run your day!


Kelly Wonderlin, She Is Fierce! Contributor

Kelly Wonderlin

Kelly Wonderlin expanded her entrepreneurial reach coining the term, “It’s A Wonderful Wonderlin Life” and sharing it with the world on her YouTube channel and blog.  Kelly works in a marketing/advertising/social media space and often partners with really cool brands as a video correspondent, spokesperson and (or) brand rep.  Above all Kelly balances her professional life with her family and personal life.

Connect with Kelly… www.kellywonderlin.com, Twitter, Facebook




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