The 4 Best Coaching Tips for Health & Wellness

As owners of your precious body and life, you have the answers within yourself to achieve the best health and happiness that feels good to you. While everyone may have different circumstances and challenges, here are four best secrets from my Health & Wellness coaching toolbox for you to guide yourself to success:


1. Take time to take stock of the whole picture.

Often times we just want little effort and quick results: lose 10 pounds by summer or cut carbs and sugar, or whatever other trend is popular at the moment. You already know wellness is more than just a number on the scale, how you look in a pair of jeans, or sitting in a yoga class chanting om. The most empowering thing you can do for the enrichment of your health and happiness is to SLOW DOWN and really think about: what does wellness mean to ME? What does my idea of a thriving life look like? Who do I want to be as a healthy person? Where am I in all those life areas that are important to me? When you have mapped out these answers that only you can answer, you can then create action goals in alignment with your conscious intentions. Don’t just start aimlessly… be intentional and holistic about how you create your health and happiness.

2. Zoom in and focus.

Now that you know where you’re at with where you want to go, let’s be realistic and not try to take on everything on your list at once. Choose 2-3 areas you feel the most compelled to focus on right now. Create a few goals for each of those areas for how you would like to consistently be three months from now. Let this be your focus for the next three months and as you make gains and progress, start to add the other areas you would like to shift your focus onto. Our path to wellness should feel the right amount of challenge, not an overwhelming amount of self-imposed pressure that leads to a sense of “I suck…I can’t do this.” Yes, you can do this… pace yourself… dedicate the right amount of energy to the right amount of challenges.

3. Really play up your strengths.

When we feel good, we do good. When we feel like crap… well, you know what comes next. To move in the direction of health and happiness that is meaningful to you, honor your strengths and top passions. If you enjoy being social, join a run club. If you are really into cooking, start a group to exchange healthy recipes and host fun picnics or dinner parties. Please don’t force yourself to go to a hot yoga class if you’d rather stick yourself in the eye than sweat in a painfully hot room. There are other ways to cultivate habits and successes we would like to achieve. If you can steer in the direction of things you really enjoy, you will want to do more of it, and be open to trying other creative answers on your wellness journey.

4. Trial and “correction” week by week.

Nothing you try is ever “wrong;” it’s not “trial and error,” but trial and “correction.” Give yourself a few key goals to focus on for the week, assess your successes at the end of the week, and re-tweak new goals for the following week. Always celebrate your efforts and learn from the process. There’s no finish line for our health, happiness, and wellness…we are always adjusting and working according to where we are right now and where we want to be next. Enjoy your journey week by week!

You have the power to create a healthy, happy, and glowing life. May you enjoy the journey as you try out these strategies!



Lola Tsai Small, She is Fierce! Contributor

As Founder & President of One Glowing Life, Lola is dedicated to the empowerment of women and girls around the world. She is passionate about motivating people to share their light with the world and focuses on working with women who are ready to inspire with their purpose, dreams, passions, and talents. A certified life and wellness coach, Lola’s coaching and workshops guide women through holistic growth and support them to creating glowing lives they love.

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