April 22, 2019

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Nominate yourself or a woman you know who deserves a Fresh Start!

News4Jax and She Is Fierce!, a global women’s network based in St. Augustine, are partnering to transform the lives of women in North Florida with our brand new ‘Fresh Start’ series.

We know there are countless women right here in our community working hard professionally, building businesses, doing double duty as moms and caregivers and giving back every day.

Two women will be selected through our nominations process, closing Friday, May 3rd, to be featured in our upcoming ‘Fresh Start’ Series.


This could be perfect for you if you have a big dream related to:

  • Starting or growing a business
  • Building or scaling a nonprofit or service in the community
  • Stepping into that next level in your career and making a difference

Winners will go through She Is Fierce’s foundational ‘Impact & Influence Intensive,’ and get life and professional coaching.

They’ll be connected with mentors who will help them clarify their ideas and make a plan for success.

Plus – they’ll win a makeover, an annual membership to She Is Fierce!, and the opportunity to share their “leap of fierce” and get support from our whole North Florida community!

Nominate yourself or a woman you know who does everything for everyone else but is now ready to step into HER potential right here!

Finalists must be available to be interviewed at News4Jax between 8am-10am on May 14th, and be available to film during three Saturdays in May and June and regular video diaries.  They must also be committed to spending time working with coaches and mentors on those three days and on additional off-camera days throughout the transformation period.

Winners will also be featured on stage at the She Is Fierce! Summit on September 19th, 2019!


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  1. Gabriela van Zuilen

    April 23rd, 2019 at 3:02 pm

    Hello Ladies,

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this amazing contest! I would like to nominate myself.
    I have been working tirelessly for animals an children all of my life. Coming for a very difficult childhood, daughter of an immigrant single mother, who traveled from Argentina to the United States, with three children and not a dime to her name. My mother was fierce! We came to this country with a dream, the dream of a better life and we worked, never had assistance, as my mother felt others needed it more than we did.
    I moved to Saint Johns County 15 years ago, I have tirelessly worked, not only in Saint Johns but Putnam County as well helping Children and Families in the foster care system as well as Abuse Women Shelters and in family court. For 9 years (or so) we fostered children in our home and I was the President for St. Johns Foster/ Adoptive Parent Association. I went to Volucia County met with the Authorities from the Children and Families Department to change the program so children in shelters would be able, at no charge, go to daycare and after care. That was not available to them, ONLY Children that where out of home in foster care were able to get assistance but if a mother was in a shelter do to domestic violence with her children the children did not receive assistance from the Department of Children and Families. I thought this was crazy! How was a women able to get back on her feet with children hanging on her hip? How can a women get a job or go to school without having assistance for her children to be somewhere safe while they found her way back to herself?
    After many years working with many children and their families, we adopted one of our children and a few years after that we closed our home.
    My background is in operational management, I have worked for many corporations and I decided it was time to be on my own.
    I recently (three weeks) opened my own business, I am a Usui Reiki Master (have practice Usiu Reiki since I am 19 and a master Herbalist and my dream is to have an all inclusive WOMEN HEALING WELLNESS CENTER where women can come and find sisterhood, healing, acceptance, coaching, among other things… I want to have a group of different practitioners Western and Eastern under the same roof, to support women’s health (mind, body and Spirit) .
    I have rented a very small (SMALL) office were I practice (just for now) but that is just the beginning! I know my dream will manifest sooner rather than later, but I think your contest my bring this to fruition way sooner! And the sooner the better!
    I know there are so many women out there in desperate need of healing and guidance, acceptance and LOVE.

    There is so much more to this story but basically I need help because I want to help others.
    Warmest Regards,
    Gabriela van Zuilen
    The White Lotus Studio LLC

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