November 9, 2015

Don’t Leave Skincare to Your Esthetician






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Don't Leave Skincare to Your Esthetician

As a working woman, it’s easy to say things like “I can’t do X because I’m too busy” or “I’ll have my Y take care of it.”

It’s all fine and good if you are utilizing your time toward your goals or your career, in fact, if you can afford to, hiring a part-time maid or cook is one of the best things you can do. A maid will save you a significant amount of time, which frees you up to do what you want.

Here’s the problem though: if you leave too much to other people, certain things just won’t be done with the same amount of care that you might have put into it. Some things, like your skin, require everyday upkeep. So visiting the spa once a month? Sorry ladies, but it’s just not going to cut it.

In my time as an esthetician, I couldn’t believe the amount of women who’d spent their lives not taking responsibility for their skin. They would come to me with age spots, wrinkles and fine lines, rough skin or skin that was worn too thin, and my least favorite: leathery skin (a direct result of fake-and-bake tanning and sunbathing too often).

Imagine my chagrin when these women would come to me every other week, complaining about their aging and quickly degrading skin. Here they were, wanting me to work miracles that frankly, were very hard to make happen when they neglected their at-home routine or engaged in activities that they knew were harmful for their skin.

No matter how many facials, peels, laser sessions or countless other techniques and mechanisms your esthetician uses, it’s totally up to you to make a significant difference. There is one thing that plays a major role in your skin’s health: habit.

An esthetician is not a musician, so no matter how talented she is and no matter how many certifications, you skin is only as good as you make it.


Good Habits


  •         Avoid direct UV exposure – Something many health and beauty professionals will tell you, is that too much sun exposure is possibly the worst thing you can do to your skin. Do your best to avoid laying out in the sun for long periods and make sure to follow health guidelines.


  •         Drink a lot of water! Seriously, put down that can of soda and stop drinking sugary drinks if you want to have clear, supple skin. Dehydration is a major issue for Americans, and also one of the leading causes of premature aging.


  •         Cleanse and tone your skin and NOT with a bar of soap – having a quality cleanser and toner is super, super, super important. The cleanser will balance your pH levels and help to remove dirt and debris buildup and the toner will act to “seal” your pores. Using a bar of soap can dry your skin and can introduce levels of pH that are too high thanks to the binders used in them.


  •         Stay away from processed foods, sugar binges and alcohol – fatty (fried, oily, greasy) foods, salt, dairy, sugar and foods high on the glycemic index can incite breakouts and overabundance of oil production. Processed foods and pesticides are particularly scary in their effect on our bodies.



Taking care of your skin today could be the difference between having dull, lifeless skin or beautiful, healthy skin tomorrow.


Tip of the Day:

Green tea mask/scrub- when your skin needs a quick pick-me-up, get green tea and soak it in warm water, after removing it from water, mix in a teaspoon of honey, proceed to pat onto your entire face (avoiding eyes) then scrub or let sit for 15 minutes.

The caffeine in the green tea will tighten your skin and the antioxidants will help strengthen it (who doesn’t want extra antioxidants in their system anyway?).

Green tea reduces sun damage, reduces inflammation, skin and scar lightening. Used as a scrub, you get all the benefits, plus removal of blockage.


AD Vuittonet

A.D. Vuittonet

A.D. Vuittonet is a writer with a background in business administration and beauty. Thanks to her experience in B2B sales and marketing and small business management, she writes about business from an intimate perspective. She also used to be a licensed makeup artist and aesthetician, and now focuses her time on freelance writing and exploring the beautiful Northwest. She is a passionate feminist and a die-hard Game of Thrones fan.

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Don’t Leave Skincare to Your Esthetician

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