Unexpected Lessons You Can Learn From Blogging

June 24, 2015

Unexpected Lessons You Can Learn From Blogging






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Unexpected Lessons You Can Learn From Blogging

As a business and blogging coach, as well as founder of the health bloggers community, I do love blogging.

I started with a live journal almost a decade ago, and since then it’s been a pretty fun ride. There are plenty of benefits in having an active blog if you are an entrepreneur. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to have a blog for their business then you should consider take a look at using something like this cpanel hosting uk to help your business blog thrive. This is obviously what you want to happen. However, I am not here to give you the obvious perks of content creation. I believe that blogging can be an amazing self-development tool. For example, checking a list of the top blogs online will reveal just how successful some blogs have truly become.

Today I am sharing three unexpected perks of blogging on a consistent basis.

1. Blogging makes you collaborate with fellow experts in your field

This is so important. Guest-blogging, interviewing or even podcasting are amazing tools for your business. Content creation forces you to get in touch with people you truly admire to showcase their skills. This not only teaches you concepts you were yet to explore, but it also proves you know the right people. In order to gain your readers trust you have to get off the stage sometimes. People will know you are the go-to person, because you can bring them information from fellow experts. It also get you out of your comfort zone. Aim big and small, and see how you get there.

2. Blogging teaches you to give more (value)

Sharing your knowledge and your top tools is a great way to give people free value. Just like the site, Wisdoms of Health or any fashion blogger shares their knowlege, I believe that blogging helps you readjusting your boundaries. Whether you are an over-sharer or afraid to commit to freebies and discounts, blogging is a strengthening exercise for your sharing muscle. Your content should provide an evergreen source of inspiration, motivation and information – the three pillars of blogging. If you find yourself scratching your head about free bonuses and limited offers, this is the right time to think less about features, and more about relationships. Building a relationship with your readers is more likely to convert into a sale, than loading them with free worksheets.

3. Blogging makes you relatable

…or likeable (which is a word I am quite fond of). Blogging is not only about tips and tricks, but also about yourself and your growth as an individual. People want to know your struggles, obstacles and breakthroughs. Especially if you are convincing them to buy something from you. You want them to sense a connection, and shortens the gap between you and them. We are not looking to connect with unreachable public figures, but with human beings who can relate with our struggles and fears.


Fabiana Giovanetti, She is Fierce! Contributor

Fabiana Giovanetti

Fabiana Giovanetti is a Passion Junkie. People know her as the Time Hacker, as she helps people hack their time and create the freedom they deserve. She is a full-time blogger, with a passion for recipe development as well as a certified Health Coach. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur (coach, mentor, writer) she founded the Health Bloggers Community, the first leading community of health bloggers.

Connect with Fab… Be a Passion Junkie website, Health Bloggers Community website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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Unexpected Lessons You Can Learn From Blogging
Unexpected Lessons You Can Learn From Blogging

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