kelly speaking circle for sales pageNow, I haven’t always been the host of a global membership group filled with the most brilliant women in the world.


Nope! Just a few years ago, I lived in London and worked a bazillion (not an exaggeration) hours a week as a high-flying media producer.  While I loved what I did, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there had to be more to life than workaholism and that I was meant to contribute something of greater importance.

So, when my husband and I decided we wanted to have kids, we left our big city lives and moved back near my family in sunny St. Augustine, Florida.

I went from the whirlwind of a corporate media job to a tiny town, with toddler and a baby girl on the way (and no tube station in sight!)

Life just seemed to grind to a halt.

Now, look, I LOVE being a mom. It’s my favorite job in the world (most of the time at least) and I had NO desire to hop back in the rat race.  BUT – I had always been super driven, so I couldn’t imagine not having a project to pursue (as if two kids wasn’t a project enough, amiright?!)

After a lot of self-reflection, and a huge pity party, I reflected on an idea I had been toying with for years: creating a community where women could discover their true potential, feel empowered, and accomplish amazing things!  I realized I finally had the space in my own life to make that community happen.


So I did!


Today, She is Fierce! has grown into something so much bigger than me.


kelly family circleI am completely humbled and inspired everyday with the success the women in our tribe have been creating in their lives every day, the amazing stories I get to hear and seriously fierce women I get to meet.

And I think to myself… If I had stayed on my corporate career track, and never listened to that little spark within me, my world would not be what it is today.  

The world needs your contribution too… and I believe that She Is Fierce! can help you create the life you’ve imagined!

If you like what you see here, invite the women in your life to join us on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest or Instagram!

And if you’re ready to take your own big leap into your dreams – click here!

Kelly xx

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I recently gave a talk on how She Is Fierce! came about and

what it means to take a leap into the unknown and embrace leadership… 

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Creating a brand identity that stands out from the crowd requires skills in strategic thinking, new tools for network marketing and demonstrated agility in extracting fresh information from customer thinking and ever-changing “wants.”  Kelly does all with mastery.


Kelly was a central agent helping me form and execute a plan for the concurrent rebranding of my both my business and personal author/speaker’s websites, all while I was still writing my most recent book!  Her enthusiasm for each project is fuel for differentiation. Her ability to help you discover your voice is a rare art.

Genie James

Genie James

Author & Personalized Medicine Activist

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Inspiration can be found all around us, but as a woman, I have found that real encouragement, real strength, real mentorship is often best shared woman to woman.


Since attending the She is Fierce! programs, I have found myself thinking that to be a Fierce Woman is to encompass that and more.  I have had many labels in my life, but there is new one I covet.  I want people to say ‘She is Fierce!’   Thanks Kelly!

Melissa Nelson

Melissa Nelson

Director, United Way St. Johns

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She Is Fierce! blew my expectations out of the water.  Kelly Youngs cultivated an environment of inclusion, comfort and professionalism.

Claresa Baggs

Claresa Baggs





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