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They say you’re most similar

to the 5 people

you spend the most

time with, right?


So, if you want to up-level

your life, you gotta up-level

your people.

Women’s Wednesdays


The speakers at our events share their personal stories of struggle, triumph and all the little moments to cherish in between… they all come from different backgrounds; they are athletes, journalists, authors, CEO’s, FBI agents, stylists, coaches, entrepreneurs, survivors.

These fierce women all have their own unique story and each one brings her own fierce energy and enthusiasm for life to her talk!

Watch video from our speakers here…

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When there are so few outlets for strong business-minded women and mothers – you lose the bold ferocity it takes to grab your dreams and launch them to new heights.  Thank you Kelly Youngs for empowering women. 

Brittany AlphonsoBrittany Alphonso

STA Fashion Week Founder


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She Is Fierce! blew my expectations out of the water.  Kelly Youngs cultivated an environment of inclusion, comfort and professionalism.

Claresa Baggs

Claresa Baggs

AllIKnowJax Inc. Founder



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Real encouragement, real strength, real mentorship is often best shared woman to woman… to be a fierce woman is to encompass that and more.  I have had many labels in my life, but there is a new one I covet… ‘She Is Fierce!’ Thanks Kelly!

Melissa NelsonMelissa Nelson

United Way Director


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She Is Fierce! is an incredible outlet for women to come together to support each other and grow!

Jennifer Cavilla

Jennifer Cavilla

Just B. Photography, Owner


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