Meet Devoreaux Walton, former Marketing Director for Runway Dallas, and the woman behind The Prep Pursuit blog and vlog. She launched her website to create a central location where women can learn all about style, etiquette, and culture; the life lessons a modern day lady needs to know.  Devoreaux curates a lookbook of her personal style on her blog and posts weekly videos to highlight style and etiquette tips for the 21st century lady.

Each post is dedicated to helping women live a chic and polished life!


When did you first learn about your field of work? What called you to it?

I have always loved fashion and personal style. At the age of three, I was mixing and matching outfits to express my personality with what I wear. I’ve always been drawn to preppy style, the look is consistently feminine and classy. I started The Prep Pursuit as a blog to inspire modern, conservative style. I’m bringing classy back! The blog evolved to include etiquette and lifestyle topics with the launch of a YouTube channel. The website features tips, advice and tutorials to help readers live and chic and polished life.  




What is the biggest overall lesson you learned in running your own style and etiquette blog? 

The biggest lesson I’ve learned since launching The Prep Pursuit is to be flexible to change. I started The Prep Pursuit thinking the end goal was to share style inspiration. I had no idea that the blog would expand and allow me some of the opportunities I’ve had. It’s been a pleasure to connect and help people all over the world build confidence and find their style! At the time of launching the blog, I didn’t envision I would be honored to touch so many lives. 


What was the best piece of advice you were ever given? 

The best piece of advice I’ve received is to never give up on a dream. I wanted to launch a blog several years ago, but I never thought I could do it. I didn’t think I had what it took. I kept putting it off, but the idea was still in the back of my mind. With perseverance and the right timing, I was able to pull it off, and I’m so glad I did! The Prep Pursuit has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience. I’m excited to see where it can ultimately go.


What does success mean to you? 

Success for me means to have joy with the outcome of a situation. Sometimes a goal can be achieved, other times, the results can fall short. Success is relative. I know I’ve succeeded when I’m happy with the outcome. The real surprise is when expectations are exceeded, I like to call that super-success! 


Devoreaux Walton


What is your personal or professional motto? 

My motto is to stay ready. Life happens, but by having a back-up plan always in place, I’ve dodged some major disasters! In cases when preparation isn’t an option, being quick to concoct a plan is always helpful. Thinking quick on your feet is a quality entrepreneurs develop and master, to support all their endeavors!


Name a woman, past or present, whom you admire? 

I have always admired Lena Horne, a jazz singer and actress from Harlem. I adore her music, my favorite Christmas album of all time is Merry from Lena. Her style is classic and tasteful. I love Lena’s elegance. Lena is elegant in her attire and throughout the life she lived. Her fashion sense and overall presence is inspiring and I look to her for motivation when navigating life’s adventures. 


What characteristic do you most admire in other women?

The characteristic I admire most in women is their dignity. The level of self-respect and pride that a lady carries for herself is translated through her life – how she lives, what she does for others, and how she presents herself in attire and decorum. All of my role models, both personally and professionally, have dignity, that unspoken sense of self-worth that I have learned to develop and am constantly refining.


Devoreaux Walton

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